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Product introduction Feihong grids

The plane shape of the grid is flexible and can be designed into various shapes. According to the setting of the abdominal bar, it can be divided into cross truss system, four pyramid system, triangular cone system and some other systems. When the chord of a grid is perpendicular to the boundary, it is called a positive grid, and is called a diagonal grid when it is tilted to the boundary. In the world of large and medium-sized roof have successfully built a lot of grid structure, such as Canada and Japan, the United States Congress and the Chicago Expo Hall in London hangar, the plane size is very large, the total amount of steel is more economical, the former Soviet Union is still used in the prestressed frame. In a word, the grid structure has become one of the most popular new structures in the modern world. Our country began to study and use from 1960s, in recent years, due to the rapid development of electronic computing technology, grid structure solves the indeterminate problems of structure calculation, the grid structure both in type and practical engineering applications, the development is very fast. At present, mainly used in large, medium span public buildings, such as stadiums, aircraft libraries, clubs, exhibition halls and waiting halls, small and medium-sized industrial plants have begun to promote the application. The greater the span, the more advantages and economic effects of the structure.

Feihong net product advantages

The space grid structure is a spatial structure which is connected by nodes by a certain grid form. Has the advantages of small space force, light weight, high stiffness, good seismic performance; can be used as a gymnasium, theater, exhibition hall, waiting hall, stadium awning, hangar, two-way LARGE-SPACE-COLUMN workshop building roof.

Feihong net product classification

The installation method of construction of grid structure is divided into two categories: one is the rise in the overall top ground assembly and integral elevating method and integral lifting method; the other is high in bulk, division on the assembling and assembling method of high slip in place.