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Compilation of national and local assembly - style building policies
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National articles

The CPC Central Committee and State Council, "on the further strengthening of urban planning and construction of a number of opinions," put forward, and strive to use 10 years or so, the assembly of buildings accounted for 30% of the proportion of new construction, according to "Construction Industry Modernization Development Program" requirements, to In 2020, assembly buildings accounted for more than 20% of the proportion of new buildings, to 2025, the assembly of new buildings accounted for more than 50% of the proportion. Fully popular finished residential, the newly started finished decoration finished residential area ratio of more than 50%, affordable housing full renovation of finished housing area ratio of more than 70%.

Hunan Province

Assembly of steel series of standards introduced:

June 4, 2016, Hunan Province, officially released three on the assembly of steel structure of the local standards, namely "assembly of steel structure integrated parts of the motherboard", "assembled steel structure integrated parts pillar" and " Point steel frame structure technical regulations ", the introduction of these three local standards is to promote the new building an important basis for industrialization, will accelerate the development of Hunan Province, industrial construction. So far, Hunan Province, the use of new construction technology to build more than 850 million square meters of construction projects, these projects include office buildings, hotels, apartments, security housing, commercial housing, villas and so on.

Anhui Province

Construction industry output value will reach 100 billion:

After the "second five" storage, "thirteen" during the Hefei construction industry will release a huge production capacity. Hefei City Real Estate Board was informed that by 2020 the annual output value of construction industry in Hefei will reach 100 billion yuan, and built the domestic first-class construction industry R & D center, the construction of industrial products or services radiation, become the domestic construction industry modernization benchmark city.

In 2012, Hefei municipal government put the construction industry as an important industry to develop, put forward to build 100 billion yuan output value of industrial development goals. To this end, Hefei municipal government leaders personally led the north to the south of investment, city real estate bureau and other departments followed the project or technology joint investigation, has introduced the construction of international, lofty living, Yuhui Group and other enterprises settled in Hefei, contributed to Taiwan Runtai and Anhui Yukun signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, Anhui Baoye and West Weide company joint venture production, the implementation of the seven innings, Anhui three built and Wanghu building a number of enterprises production base project. With the landing of these enterprises, Hefei building industrial production capacity steadily improved, the current annual design capacity has reached 7 million square meters.

Promote the construction industry pilot project:

Hefei will comprehensively promote the construction of industrial projects pilot, and gradually extended to the field of commercial housing construction. Since 2012, Hefei City has started construction of 13 protection of housing industry projects, with a total construction area of 1.33 million square meters. From 2014 onwards, the city's industrial construction area of the average annual growth rate remained at 10% or more. To March this year, Hefei City, the construction of industrial projects have started and planned to start a total area of 300 million square meters, and this year will start a new 1.2 million square meters. At present, the city's first commercial housing project (Baohe District Longchuan Road to the north, Xidi Road on both sides of the 127.95 acres of land) has completed the transfer of land use rights, is preparing a project planning and design.

Cultivate 10 leading domestic construction industry groups:

"13th Five-Year" period Hefei city construction industry will continue to improve production capacity, enhance industrial support, gathering industry advantages. It is reported that the next five years, Hefei will focus on the construction industry upstream and downstream industry chain to continue to increase investment efforts, the introduction of domestic construction industry leading enterprises, supporting the introduction of the relevant parts of the project, from residential design to construction and related support Parts of the industrial system, so that the industrialization of the base to form a relatively complete residential industrial technology and product system. "Thirteen five" at the end, and strive to cultivate 10 leading domestic construction industry group.

Zhejiang Province

Legislation to protect the construction of industrialization:

Zhejiang Province in promoting the new construction of the industrialization process, attaches great importance to policy support and legislative protection, has now completed the "Green Building in Zhejiang Province," the legislative work, and in May 1, 2016 formally implemented. The regulations clearly require the municipal, county (city) people's government to determine a certain proportion of civil construction, the application of new construction technology to build, from the legislative level to strengthen the planning and protection of new construction industry to promote.

"1010 project" demonstration base:

Zhejiang Province, give full play to the new construction industry demonstration base and demonstration projects to lead the demonstration role, and actively promote the construction of strong cities, strong counties to carry out new pilot demonstration of industrial construction, Shaoxing City, housing and urban construction by the Ministry of urban construction as a "national construction industry modernization pilot city" and "National housing industry modernization pilot cities". Vigorously promote the national housing industry base to create, there are seven bases approved the national housing industrial base. Zhejiang Province also to "1010 project" as the starting point, and vigorously promote the new building industrialization demonstration base and demonstration project construction. At present, "1010 project" demonstration base 10, the total area of 5286 acres, has completed an investment of 9.04 billion yuan, accounting for 60.26% of the total investment. "1010 project" demonstration project 10, a total construction area of 676,800 square meters, has completed the construction area of 466,000 square meters, has completed the project cost of 1.186 billion yuan, accounting for 68.83% of the total construction area, accounting for 61.77% of the total cost.

Gradually cancel the rough room:

May 1, 2016, the "Green Building in Zhejiang Province Ordinance" formally implemented. By the end of 2020, Zhejiang new multi-storey and high-rise residential will be basically full decoration, that is rough housing will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. In the Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department specially formulated the city and county green building special planning preparation of technical guidelines, clear green building special planning to delineate the policy unit, in accordance with the actual development around the reasonable to determine the policy unit within the green building level, The proportion of assembly-style buildings, the proportion of residential decoration, and the implementation of the future transfer of land to gradually include these three indicators.

Ningbo assembly structure will reach 30%

From 2015 onwards, Ningbo City has issued a number of opinions on accelerating the construction of new types of construction and the implementation of the project on accelerating the construction of new construction projects (for trial implementation). By 2020, the city's assembly buildings accounted for new construction The proportion will reach 30%.


Establish a sound housing industry implementation system:

"Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing introduced the "protection of housing construction in the promotion of housing industry work tasks notice" and other guidance documents, classification guidance, clear implementation of standards, detailed division of responsibilities, will implement the housing industry To implement the planning and design, land into the market, quality supervision and other key links. Encourage the use of design, construction, procurement (EPC) general contracting and other integrated mode of tender contract, and actively cultivate the whole industry chain group enterprises, housing industry implementation system has been improved. Beijing has initially established a framework for the standardization system of affordable housing construction management, that is, from the perspective of the whole life cycle to consider the standardization design, construction, evaluation, operation and maintenance, etc., to form a more complete standardization of the top of the system design. In the country introduced the first public rental housing standard design Atlas, and gradually form the apartment, built-in industrial, green energy-saving environmental protection technology series Atlas, and through standardization to ensure the protection of housing quality, shorten the construction period, reduce construction costs, to achieve energy saving, Green low carbon requirements.

Will promote the assembly decoration:

October 2015, Beijing issued "on the protection of housing in the city to implement the full renovation of the finished product delivery notice", and the introduction of the "comprehensive implementation of affordable housing decoration products delivery of a number of provisions of the notice." From October 31, 2015 onwards, where the new into the Beijing City affordable housing annual construction plan (including self-occupied goods housing) full implementation of the full decoration of finished goods delivery. Two notice clear requirements, by the fitness room, limit room in accordance with the public rental decoration standard unified implementation of the decoration; owner-occupied real estate decoration reference public rental, but the decoration standards shall not be lower than the public rental standards. This means that Beijing may be the first in the country to implement the implementation of fine decoration of the delivery standards, fine decoration or will be submitted to the "standard." Beijing Municipal Housing Construction Committee official said, rough delivery, the drawbacks of self-decoration has been there. Especially in the current trend of energy-saving emission reduction, which has become the authority must face the problem. Once the protection of housing refining decoration submitted to the introduction of policies, will certainly be supporting the detailed operation program. By the fitness room, limit room will be in accordance with the existing public rental decoration standards, the implementation of assembly-style decoration. The so-called assembly decoration, is the decoration of various components, such as partition walls, floors, walls, cabinets, bathroom, etc., are factory production of finished products in the field assembly, when not directly removed.

Hebei Province

Promote rural assembly houses:

According to the Hebei Provincial Housing and Urban Construction Department learned the news, the province will promote the construction of rural assembly housing, to determine Pingshan, Yixian, Zhangbei three counties as a pilot county to promote the modernization of rural housing industry development. Hebei Province will be combined with rural areas to enhance the transformation of action to strengthen the rural assembly of residential key technology research to speed up the development of rural assembly standards and Atlas, and the introduction of mature technology and products in the pilot area, and gradually improve the quality of rural housing And building energy efficiency. At present, Hebei Province, the modernization of the housing industry has made positive progress, the province has five national housing industry modernization base and nine provincial housing industry modernization base, built seven prefabricated components production line, the annual design capacity of 400,000 cubic meters.

100% of government investment projects Industrialization:

Shijiazhuang Municipal Government issued the "on accelerating the implementation of the city's construction industry," the views of the city in 2016 the pilot industrial construction, proposed in the city to vigorously promote the construction industry, from the land, planning sources, Industrial projects, the promotion of assembly-style buildings, to achieve the design standardization, component factory, construction and assembly, decoration integration and management information is characterized by a new type of construction.

2016 is the pilot period, the main city of four districts and the provincial pilot counties Pingshan County, respectively, to start an industrial demonstration projects, prefabricated assembly rate of more than 30%.

January 2017 to December 2020 is the promotion period. 2017, the main city of four districts and provincial pilot counties Pingshan county government investment projects more than 50% of the use of industrial construction, non-government investment and development projects more than 10% of the use of industrial construction.

By the end of 2020, the city government investment projects 100% of the use of industrial construction, the main city of four districts and the provincial pilot counties Pingshan County, the new construction projects using the proportion of industrial construction to more than 40%, other counties (cities) The use of industrial means to build the proportion of more than 20%.

Give credit policy support:

According to the "on accelerating the implementation of the city of Shijiazhuang City," the implementation of the construction industry will be the way to build and prefabricated assembly rate of 30% of the commercial housing projects, according to the development objectives of the construction industry, priority to protect the land. On the initiative to adopt the construction of industrial construction and prefabricated assembly rate of 30% of the commercial housing project, in the planning approval, the external walls of the prefabricated parts can not be included in the construction area, but not more than 3% of the floor area of the building. On the initiative to adopt the construction of industrial construction and prefabricated assembly rate of 30% and above the commercial housing projects, according to the project using the new wall of the actual proportion of the material back to the wall reform fund. On the initiative to adopt the construction of the construction of the way and prefabricated assembly rate of 30% of the commercial housing projects, according to prefabricated assembly rate back to bulk cement fund.

Increase financial support for businesses and individuals. For the construction of industrial parks, bases, projects and engaged in technology research and development work and meet the conditions of enterprises, financial institutions to increase credit support to enhance the level of financial services. For the purchase of building industrialization projects or full decoration of housing and belong to the first set of ordinary commodity housing families, in accordance with the differential housing credit policy to actively support.

Promotion of steel structure:

As an earlier extension of the steel structure of the province, Hebei Province in the market cultivation has made considerable progress, the overall stage in accelerating the development. From the Hebei Provincial Housing Construction Department was informed that since 2011, the province's steel structure construction project completed 842, construction area of 10.2 million square meters. It is reported that Hebei Province under construction in the steel structure construction projects, including industrial buildings, civil construction, such as 202, construction area of 2.23 million square meters; Hebei province has been formed into five state-level residential industrial base and 14 provincial base , Covering the prefabricated components, construction parts, new wall materials, equipment manufacturing and other fields; all kinds of steel components production enterprises 49, the design production capacity of 1.78 million tons, to meet the 12 million square meters of steel structure Building needs.


Assembled security room to implement general contract tender:

Shanghai Construction and Construction Industry Market Management Station and the Shanghai Housing Construction and Development Center jointly issued a notice to promote the city assembly of the whole concrete structure of affordable housing (hereinafter referred to as "assembly - type security housing") general contract bidding. Notice requirements, the Shanghai assembly of affordable housing project should adopt the design (survey), construction, component procurement project general contract tender. At the same time, the assembly of the protection of housing project general contract tender, should be based on "Shanghai Construction Engineering Materials Supervision and Management Provisions" (Shanghai Construction Pipe 〔2015〕 726) the relevant provisions of the requirements of prefabricated building components by the city construction materials for the record The

The maximum subsidy for a single project is 10 million:

Shanghai to increase policy support efforts, the study introduced for the assembly of the building incentives, subsidies: the total construction area of 30,000 square meters or more, and prefabricated assembly rate of 45% and above the assembly of residential projects, per square meter Subsidy of 100 yuan, a single project maximum subsidy of 10 million yuan; voluntary implementation of the assembly of the building project to give a floor rate of not more than 3% reward; assembly of the external walls of the building with prefabricated sandwich insulation wall, given no more than 3% Rate reward.

To implement the "two mandatory rates" at the source of land:

According to the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Management Committee news, Shanghai will be in charge of the vice mayor to convene the city of land, development, housing construction, finance more than 20 commissioned by the Office of the formation of "Shanghai Green Building Development Joint Conference". At the same time, the assembly of construction projects into the management of information management system, in the construction, inspection plans, construction permits, acceptance and other aspects of the establishment of management nodes to check. The proportion of the building area to be implemented in the total area of the land for construction in 2015 shall be not less than 50%; the new civil buildings within the outer ring line in 2016 are all equipped with assembly buildings and more than 50% of the outer ring lines; Outside the outer ring on the basis of 50% increase year by year. 2015 monomer prefabricated assembly rate of not less than 30%, 2016 from not less than 40%. In order to ensure the successful completion of the annual target, the assembly of the building to promote the task level down, and regularly carry out the audit work, the implementation of the city's assembly-style building dynamic management.


More than 20,000 square meters of public buildings full application of "steel":

According to "Chongqing Morning News" reported on May 10, 2016, from this year onwards, Chongqing large space, large span or single area of more than 20,000 square meters of public buildings, will be fully applied "steel structure." Government investment, leading office building, security room, as well as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, science and technology museums, museums, libraries, exhibition halls, shantytowns transformation, reconstruction of old buildings, historical building protection and maintenance, large span, large space and Single area of more than 20,000 square meters of public buildings, from the planning, design began to fully use steel structure. Social investment in culture and sports, education, medical, commercial storage and other public buildings, more than 100 meters high-rise buildings, municipal industrial parks and other industrial plants, will give priority to the use of steel structure.

In the transport infrastructure, cross-river bridge, cross-street bridge, cross-bridge and other municipal bridges, as well as rail transportation, transportation hub, bus station, public parking building, airport terminal, a large number of "steel structure." Combined with "sponge city" construction, so that steel structure in the city underground integrated corridor application. Encourage real estate developers to build "steel" residential area. In the city's "summer leisure real estate" development, where in the ecological protection area or scenic spots within the planning, the priority use of "steel structure."

Liaoning Province

Government projects should take prefabricated concrete or steel structure:

April 7, 2016, Shenyang City Construction Committee said that for the bigger and stronger assembly and accelerate the formation of new economic growth point, Shenyang City will introduce multiple favorable policies, to boost the development of residential industry. Including in the government investment in construction projects, municipal engineering, public facilities, rail transportation, urban integrated corridors and other supporting infrastructure projects in the comprehensive use of industrial construction; administrative areas of real estate development projects in the implementation of industrial construction, From the three ring within the scope of gradually expanded to Xinmin City, Liaozhong County, Kangping County, Faku County outside the region, prefabricated assembly rate as planned to reach more than 30%; support enterprises in the economic zone within the contract, sales of products, Promotion of technical advisory services, and constantly expand the scope of application of industrial engineering construction.

Hubei Province

Three-stage propulsion assembly to 80%:

In March 2016, the Hubei provincial government promulgated the Opinions on Promoting the Modernization and Development of the Construction Industry. In 2025, the prefabricated rate of concrete structure in the province was over 40%, and the assembly rate of the main structure of steel structure and wood structure was 80% the above. Hubei Province will promote this goal in three phases.

2016 years - 2017 for the pilot demonstration period, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang first pilot, by 2017 the province on the basis of the existing built more than 5 construction industry modern production base, the use of modern construction of the construction of the project construction area is not Less than 2 million square meters, the project preform rate of not less than 20%.

2018 - 2020 to promote the development period, the province to 2020 to form the basic development of the construction industry, the market environment, the use of modern construction of the construction industry projects increased by more than 5% year on year, the building area of not less than 10 million square meters, Project preform rate of 30%.

2021 - 2025 for the popularization of the application period, the province through independent innovation, the formation of a number of key enterprises, technology research and development centers, industrial base as the basis, the obvious characteristics of industrial clusters. The use of modern construction of the construction of the new construction of government investment in public buildings and affordable housing application area of 50% or more, the new residential application area of more than 30%. Concrete structure construction project prefabrication rate of 40% or more, steel structure, wood structure of the main structure of the assembly rate of 80% or more.


The proportion of finished housing supply in new residential projects should reach 25%

Hainan Province, the introduction of the "issued in Hainan Province to promote the development of the construction industry, the guidance of the development of the notice", the requirements of 2020, Hainan Province, the use of modern construction industry, the construction of new construction area accounted for the same period the proportion of newly started construction area of 10% , The province's new construction unit construction prefabrication rate of not less than 20%, the province's new residential projects in the proportion of finished housing supply should reach more than 25%. The following are the same as the "

But also clearly require the government to invest in civil construction, municipal infrastructure projects and other new projects should take the lead in the pilot building industry using modern technology and products, and effectively play a guiding role in guiding the construction industry to promote the modernization of technology and product applications. Encourage commercial housing projects to carry out modernization pilot project. "Thirteen five" period, Hainan Province to build 1 to 2 national construction industry modernization base, Haikou City and Sanya City to strive for the creation of national construction industry modernization pilot cities.

Guangdong Province

Assembly buildings will reach 30%:

July 2016, Guangdong Province City Work Conference pointed out that the development of new construction methods, to promote the assembly of buildings, to 2025, the assembly of buildings accounted for 30% of the proportion of new construction, enhance the level of urban construction and construction level.

Assembly production value is expected to reach 167.1 billion yuan:

In Guangdong, the construction industry is still a relatively new concept, on the whole, large projects, the use of small. However, according to the "Outline of Modernization Development of Construction Industry" which has been completed, it is clear that by 2020, the proportion of assembly buildings will be more than 20% of new buildings. By 2025, the proportion of assembly buildings in new buildings is more than 50% The It is understood that the total output value of construction industry in Guangdong Province in 2008 835.65 billion yuan, according to the proportion of 20% of the assembly structure, the total output value of assembly in Guangdong Province in 2020 is expected to reach 161.7 billion yuan; 2025 by 50% of the assembly ratio , The total output value of assembly buildings in Guangdong Province is expected to reach 4178 billion yuan.

Promote assembly construction and other modern construction methods:

Guangdong Province, housing and urban and rural construction in April 2016 issued the "Guangdong Province housing urban and rural construction system in 2016 project quality management two years of action program", which revealed that Guangdong will increase policy support this year, vigorously promote the assembly of buildings, And steadily promote the steel structure, reduce construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the construction period, improve the quality of the project. Issued the implementation of "Guangdong Province housing construction assembly construction quality and safety supervision and management approach" and the Guangdong Province standard "assembly concrete concrete structure technical regulations." Start assembly, steel structure construction pricing calculation of the preparation work.

Individual funding up to 2 million:

In June 2016, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban Construction issued the Notice on Accelerating the Construction of the Assembled Buildings and the Guidance Rules for the EPC General Contracting Bidding, from bidding, component production, construction permission, quality and safety supervision, acceptance and cost And other aspects of all-round support and encourage the development of assembly-style buildings. In the city building energy-saving development funds to focus on supporting the assembly of buildings and BIM applications, identified by qualified demonstration projects, research and development centers, key laboratories and public technology platform to subsidize the maximum amount of individual funding not more than 200 million.

Sichuan Province

Assembly of more than half of the building:

March 23, 2016 the provincial government issued "on the promotion of the construction industry modernization of the guidance" put forward clear objectives: 2016 - 2017, Chengdu, Leshan, Guang'an, Xichang four construction industry modernization pilot cities, the formation of large-scale industries In 2025, the construction industry modernization construction has become one of the main construction methods, the assembly rate of more than 40% of the building, accounting for 50% of the proportion of new buildings; bridges, water conservancy, railway construction assembly rate of 90%; new Residential decoration to reach 70%.

For the modernization of the construction industry has given the appropriate policy support:

Will be given priority to support the construction industry modernization base and demonstration project land, included in the annual major project investment plan priority land use indicators; Sichuan Province science and technology research program will arrange scientific research funds each year to support the construction industry modernization key technology research and related research; The enterprises that are produced in the modern way shall pay the enterprise income tax at the rate of 15% after applying for being recognized as a high-tech enterprise. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the Company shall formulate the volume rate incentive policy for the project implementation of the prefabricated construction. Land construction is not clear but the development and construction units take the initiative to use assembly-type construction technology construction projects, in the planning approval, the external wall of the prefabricated part of the building area (not more than the planned total construction area of 3%) does not count into the transaction block Volume rate accounting; in accordance with the construction industry modernization requirements of the construction of commercial housing projects, will also be in the pre - sale project supervision ratio, government investment projects bidding, special funds, evaluation awards, financing and other aspects of support.

Do not build "hardcover room" do not want to take:

Full decoration of the finished house that is the so-called "hardcover room", the assembly of the building that is "in the factory house", they are part of the modernization of the construction industry. Sichuan will be forced to promote the "hardcover room", "on the construction industry to promote the development of modern guidance", clearly put forward the way to supply the construction of the project site, in the planning and design conditions in the project prefabricated assembly rate, full decoration finished housing ( The so-called "hardcover room") ratio, included in the land transfer contract. In other words, do not build "hardcover room", the real estate business do not want to take.

Chengdu industrial land transfer New Deal success 10 cases:

March 18, 2016, held in Chengdu, the province's construction management work conference, Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Committee relevant person in charge revealed that the construction industry will be included in the city land transfer construction conditions, that is, "real estate business to buy, first To agree to the construction of the way through the construction of housing. "Provincial Office of the relevant person in charge said that the policy will be promoted in the province. Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Committee, the relevant responsible person said that the current policy has been more than 10 land transfer in the successful trial, the year will be introduced in the implementation of the document in the city, each block construction industry assembly rate should be more than 20% to 2020 Year to reach more than 30%.

Shaanxi Province

To carry out the modernization of the construction industry pilot:

In early March 2016, Shaanxi Province, living quarters, the Office of the Ministry of Finance, the Treasury three departments jointly issued a document, will choose 1 to 2 cities to carry out the provincial construction industry modernization pilot demonstration. The goal of carrying out the comprehensive pilot work of the city is to focus on the pilot cities, to carry out pilot projects on the pilot, to cultivate the backbone enterprises and scientific research strength, and to cultivate and recommend the national construction industry modernization pilot cities.

Accelerate the production and application of steel structure:

On the morning of March 17, 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction of Shaanxi Province jointly organized the symposium on the production and application of steel structure in the province. The conference invited a total of more than 50 experts, professors and enterprises in 17 buildings such as Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Chang'an University, Zhong Jian Northwest Hospital, Zhonglian Design Institute, Shaanxi Steel Group, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group, Xi'an Construction Engineering Group and Hangxiao Steel Ginseng. Participants believe that the development of steel structure and assembly is to achieve the transformation and development of iron and steel enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry an important way. The introduction of "Shaanxi Province to promote green building materials production and application of the implementation of the program" and other policies and measures to promote the development of Shaanxi Province steel structure.

Shandong Province

For each district city to start a construction industry project:

According to "Qingdao Evening News" from Qingdao City to promote the assembly of the construction site will be informed that in recent years, Qingdao City, actively promote the development of the construction industry, the city a total of four enterprises were awarded the provincial construction industry base. This year, Qingdao will continue to promote the development of construction industry, the preparation of the relevant technical standards for the construction industry, the development of industrial park planning, shantytowns transformation, public works projects and the city will be the first part of the project pilot assembly project. The next step, Qingdao City will continue to promote the construction industry to the development and construction units for the market main body, design units, structural parts production units, construction and assembly units for the coordination of the main body, the development of a complete industrial chain and promote the development of subsidiary industries; At the same time, the development of industrial park planning, co-ordinate the city's industrial development.

In addition, for the assembly of reinforced concrete structure, steel structure and light steel structure, modular housing three types of assembly structure system, shantytowns transformation, public works and other government investment projects, to conduct first pilot, according to the assembly of architectural design, Construction, and gradually increase the proportion of the application of the construction industry; at the same time for each district to start a construction industry project, and as a pilot demonstration project.

Fujian Province

Maximum subsidy of 1 million:

June 30, 2016, Quanzhou city government study agreed, "Quanzhou City to promote the construction industry modernization pilot implementation plan" was officially issued, clearly put forward 15 very supportive policies, by 2020, the city's assembly of buildings accounted for The proportion of new buildings to more than 25%, focusing on cultivating 3 to 5 of the modern building industry leading enterprises goals. As a new energy-saving industries, the use of new materials and new technology, the program can apply for a special subsidy, that is, according to the provisions of the project during the construction period of the main production equipment or technical investment does not exceed 5% of the proportion of subsidies, the maximum amount of 100 million The

2020 3 into a new building with assembly:

According to the "Strait Metropolis Daily" news, Quanzhou City Housing Construction Bureau staff said, according to the Fujian Provincial Office of Housing and Urban issued the "Fujian Province Construction Industry Modernization of thirteen five special plan" to amend the views of 2020, Quanzhou, Xiamen assembly The proportion of newly built buildings in the city is more than 30%; Quanzhou, Xiamen affordable housing project using the assembly of the proportion of more than 40%; Quanzhou, Xiamen according to their own situation, draw a specific area, the construction industry modernization Way as a prerequisite for land transfer, the new civil construction in principle all the use of assembly-style buildings.

Gansu province

To promote the development of steel construction applications:

Gansu Construction Department issued the "on the construction and application of steel structure to promote the guidance", and more initiatives to promote the development and application of steel structure to support some of the conditions in the area to carry out steel residential pilot to encourage real estate development enterprises to develop and build steel housing , In the transformation of rural dilapidated buildings in the application of steel structure earthquake.

Gansu Province, in the government to invest in some of the public buildings, large span, high construction and urban bridges in the strong use of steel or steel reinforced concrete structure. In some parts of the area to carry out steel structure residential pilot, to encourage real estate development enterprises to develop and build steel structure residential, in rural dilapidated buildings in the application of steel structure earthquake-resistant rural housing; industrial plant full use of steel structure. Encourage the province of large-scale design, production, construction enterprises integration, the formation of a number of construction steel structure design, production, construction integration of the general contracting enterprises. To guide the province of large-scale, strong technical capacity of the new wall materials, structural parts manufacturing enterprises to the steel industry supporting the transformation of the industry, supporting the development of new energy-saving environmental protection and green building materials. Support Lanzhou New District, the first construction of steel construction products standardization production base, play a demonstration guide and gather radiation effect, the formation of a certain scale of construction steel structure supporting industrial clusters. For the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the construction of steel industry, the rapid development of nurturing the formation of 1 to 2 with strong strength of the steel industry group, and the initial formation of a certain scale of construction steel structure supporting industrial clusters, Ultra-high building with steel or steel concrete structure of the proportion of more than 70%, steel structure to a certain degree of residential applications.

Jiangsu Province

Development of the use of assembly-style construction tender:

Jiangsu Construction Engineering Bidding Office drafted "on the assembly of housing construction project bidding and bidding activities of a number of opinions (draft)", proposed to promote the assembly of housing construction projects rapid and healthy development of specific measures:

First, in the promotion period (2015 - 2018), the design of the assembly of housing construction projects can be invited to invite the tender or direct commissioned by the way.

The second is to encourage local bidders to use the design and construction of integrated contracting mode of construction of assembly-style housing construction projects, and to allow the consortium bid.

Third, in the promotion period for the assembly of housing construction projects, because only a small number of potential bidders to choose from, you can use the invitation to tender way, but should choose the winning bid winner.

Fourth, the assembly of housing construction projects can take prequalification approach. The tenderee may set similar performance conditions in the qualification examination conditions, and may require the bidder to have the production and installation capacity of the factory production base and the corresponding prefabricated components. The number of potential bidders who meet the eligibility criteria for eligibility is not required to reach nine units.

Fifth, the assembly of housing construction project evaluation methods should adopt a comprehensive assessment method. Comprehensive assessment of similar works in the assessment of points, can be set to score within 3% of the total score.

Sixth is included in the "Jiangsu Province, the construction industry integrity of enterprises directory" of enterprises in the assembly of housing construction projects bidding to be extra points.

Seven is the assembly of housing construction project construction tender should be set to the highest bid limit, and in the tender documents clearly the composition of the ceiling price range. Assembled building construction ± 0.00 The above structural part of the construction price ceiling shall not exceed 115% of the construction cost of the above - mentioned cast - in - place structure above ± 0.00.

Mandatory requirements for assembled buildings:

June 2016, Nanjing Land Department issued the 2016 No. 05 land transfer notice, from Jiangning, Jiangbei 10 plots will be officially opened on July 8. Of these 10 plots, eight will use the "new limit". In addition, there are six plots of the notice for the first time appeared in the "assembly-style building" mandatory requirements. In the G22-G27 of the six plots, are required "the land requires the assembly of the building area ratio of 100%, building monomer prefabricated assembly rate of not less than 30%." "The so-called 100%, that is, the whole plot of all the houses have to use assembly-style buildings, 30% is for the body, because it is impossible to all parts of the house in the backcourt." Related parties, 30% The lower requirements of the building, the higher can reach 50%.

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