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The Moroccan royal delegation to visit my company research
Release time:2017-5-28 10:21:47      Click on the number of times:1858

In March 3rd, the Royal Morocco delegation consists of Hari Prince special representative and members of the royal family, in Morocco Asian Economic Zone Administrative Committee legal representative, accompanied by Xuzhou Industrial Park under the leadership of the company, I visited the light steel structure residential housing, production workshop and assembly type residential building.

Chairman of the royal family of Morocco and the delegation had a cordial conversation, the delegation of Morocco Royal Feihong grids of prefabricated housing showed a keen interest in. And invited our company to Morocco construction plant, to promote the economic development of Morocco.

The kingdom of Morocco, is a coastal northwest African country of Arabia, bordering the East and Southeast and South Algeria, adjacent to the Western Sahara, west near the Atlantic, Spain, Portugal and North sea. The land area of 459 thousand square kilometers, a population of about 33000000, of which agricultural population accounted for 50% of the total population, economic strength ranks fifth in Africa; year-round pleasant climate, lush flowers and trees, picturesque scenery, enjoy the cool land under the hot sun and the North Garden "reputation.

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