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Zhang Ke district research my company prefabricated houses
Release time:2017-5-28 10:20:09      Click on the number of times:1936

February 15th, Jiawang District, Zhang District, Geng Wei, deputy head of the district led by the Bureau, the housing construction bureau, Planning Bureau and other relevant person in charge, came to my company for research and observation.

Zhang Chang and his entourage to see the production workshop and product exhibition area, the scene of the advantages of prefabricated housing in the production, construction and use, and as well as the problems in the subsequent meeting of the forum, Zhang Quchang listened to the chairman of the enterprise current situation and future development plan introduced.

Zhang Chang pointed out that the future development of the enterprise, the assembly house is a big industry, is currently facing a rare opportunity for development. Xuzhou Feihong grid construction limited company to accelerate the development, to build a prefabricated residential district of Jiawang Industrial Park, the effective use of existing production factors, elongated thickening of industrial chain. Two, we should cooperate with the top research institutions in our country, pay attention to industrial upgrading and technological R & D, and further reduce costs and enhance technological content, so that products in the value chain high-end. Three, we should intensify efforts to popularize and win recognition among the masses. Four, we should attach great importance to safety in production, and constantly strengthen the system, mechanism and other aspects so as to ensure that no problems arise. Fifth, to further strengthen site management, establish modern enterprise image. Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Co., hope to be able to seize market opportunities, develop scientific short-term and long-term development planning, early development, and promote the development of the prefabricated housing industry bigger and stronger.

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