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The flying rack company marketing implementation
Release time:2017-5-27 10:16:32      Click on the number of times:1432

Since this year, Xuzhou Feihong Grid Co., and actively explore the market, good service, 1-2 month marketing to achieve a good start.

One is the company won the bid of Yantai Changyu Wine R & D and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Yantai Changyu manor 260 thousand square meters workshop steel structure net project, the total cost for the 200 million 2 thousand Qibaiqi seven million yuan, of which a cold storage and brewing workshop area of 137 thousand square meters, the largest single country to refresh the record industry factory network.

Two, the company signed the Saudi Arabian railway station steel structure project, contract orders nearly 10 million U. S. dollars, and inherited the construction of Angola International Airport in Africa, once again the construction of International Landmark key projects.

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