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What are the advantages of the spatial grid structure
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The space grid structure is a spatial structure which is connected by nodes by a certain grid form. Has the advantages of space force, light weight, high stiffness, good seismic performance; can be used as a gymnasium, theater, stadium awning, hangar, two-way large column grid structure from the workshop building roof. At the same time, the grid structure mainly adopts heat insulation materials, so that the grid has good insulation effect, and can achieve better insulation effect. At the same time, the grid has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability, and can also be used for insulation on the roof, and the service life of the light steel component is strengthened by the grid structure.

Advantages of grid structures:

1 、 multi force space structure, large span;

2, stiffness, good stability;

3, the main member of the axial force, can give full play to the strength of the material;

4 、 high degree of over static change, high safety;

5, the structure is very small, not only can effectively use the construction space, but also can use the smaller rod to build large span structure;

6, rod type uniform, suitable for industrial production, surface assembly of the overall lifting.

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