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Xuzhou flying space frame construction co., LTD., the first welding skills competition
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By my company unions Xuzhou Grid Construction Co. Ltd. the first Feihong welder skill contest, on May 25, 2012, its objective is to create learning business, study technology, mutual exchange and common progress of all employees in the atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of workers, establish a positive corporate culture, promote the production efficiency and product quality. To improve and enhance staff the spirit of dedication.

This contest a total of 16 players, the game time is 60 minutes per game, the final results by all members of the referee team assessment, produced first prize, two prize, third-prize.

Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau welding expert to participate in the evaluation, the total area of union leaders to observe the scene and condolences to participate in the competition of employees, the skills competition success, cannot do without the strong support of the leadership, cannot do without the coordination of various departments, fully reflects the company inter departmental coordination and excellent enterprise management level.

The success of once again congratulated the welder skill contest.

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