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Steel structure project roofing waterproof design
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Are now widely used in steel structure of many buildings, as compared with the traditional concrete construction of steel truss structure has its particularity, because in the steel structure design and construction of buildings will use different building materials and fight in this way, the lap, waterproof technology of steel structure building is mainly to ease the main, supplemented by blocking resistance.

At present, the waterproof material used in steel structure house is not ideal and the life is short, so the selection of building type, drainage structure and structural design become the most important of waterproof design of steel structure building. In actual engineering, the waterproof performance of steel structure can be guaranteed or improved from the following points:

1, building selection, try to use single roof form, avoid ditch in the building, the same side ditch also try to use outer gutter and avoid internal gutters; roofing sheets according to the type of drainage slope and slope length selection, slope, slope length is long, so the roof panel should use a high plate height.

2, drainage organization, reasonable arrangement of drainage points, it is important to note that the intensity of precipitation in different regions is different, and the drainage organization design should have sufficient theoretical basis, not subjective feeling.

3, structural measures, first of all to be familiar with steel structure waterproof construction measures of various practices, in practical engineering flexible use, waterproof materials should use the place must use.

Finally, the steel structure building Water Leakage many times is not a design problem, which is often caused by the construction units in the construction process, so the grid company strictly control the quality of construction is an important aspect for waterproof steel structure.

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