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Space truss structure aluminum magnesium manganese roof boarding system of wind resistance
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With regard to the steel structure, the roof of the building is made of aluminium, magnesium and manganese. The roof system will not be out of question for 50 years. But in fact, the roof has been blown 3 times in two years after the completion of the reconstruction of the capital airport roof. This is a typical project where windbreaks are not in good condition.

The main effect of gable wall panel in a wind resistant performance of aluminum magnesium manganese roof system, roof and T type support, according to the installation experience we found that a lower roof system of wind resistance is the first local ridge node and gable node, and then spread to the entire aluminum alloy roof system. Magnesium manganese eventually damage the roofing system. Because before has simple processing method about ridge node and gable node, will not repeat them here, today to talk about the main in the Al Mg Mn alloy roofing system, how to improve the wind resistance performance of fixed roof.

When fixing the aluminum magnesium manganese plate not because I wanted to save money by rivets instead of T type support, with the climate in the south, the rivet may not have what problem, but for the harsh climate of the region, T type bearing is irreplaceable. Support must confirm in parallel installation, and a line, and get support and ensure that the vertical, this is done in order to ensure that there is no gap between the panel, and then the electric sewing machine side locking plate.

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