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Steel structure rack the erection of scaffolding matters needing attention in construction
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All kinds of steel pipe scaffolding built in the construction of steel structure grid must prepare special safety construction organization design and carry out special design calculation. In operation, the relevant provisions of the seventh chapter of this regulation should be observed.

Erection of mobile scaffolding operation platform, scaffolding vertical pole should be welded on the channel, 200mm from the channel surface must be vertical and horizontal sweeping rod. The scaffold ramps and rest platform, operation layer surrounding the protection and scaffolding installation should comply with the relevant provisions of the rules of the seventh chapter.

Mobile scaffolding in dragging shall comply with the provisions of special safety construction organization design.

When dragging the scaffolding should command in person, by observation, try to drag 1 ~ 2m, to check the shelf deformation, confirming that no deformation before dragging. After dragging and positioning, the deformation and inertia of the scaffold should be comprehensively checked to ensure that no deformation can be used.

The space truss, steel bolt, ball and rod parts shall be hoisted to the scaffold platform in batches. Shall not be concentrated on a large number of shelves on the platform, should be installed with the lifting.

On the scaffold platform, operators should be minimized, and no more people should be concentrated in one span of the scaffold during the operation.

Safety shoes shall be used to install steel bolts, balls and rods on the grid. The seat belt shall be hung on a solid structure, and the installation personnel shall be equipped with tool bags and tool hooks.

When the grid is positioned, towed or pushed into operation, all the equipment shall be firm and firm, and the operation platform shall be provided with a solid working platform, and a walking handrail or a protective railing shall be provided. No parking is allowed on the rack when dragging or jacking the job

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