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High bulk French open rack installation and integral lifting method
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Grid installation

1, according to the actual situation and the time limit of the construction, the space truss installation shall be carried out by means of single block integral hoisting, high altitude bulk and strip separation and block installation.

2, the integral hoisting method is to assemble the space truss structure into the whole according to the hoisting process requirements. Then the net to enhance the overall design height of lifting equipment, the air displacement by sewing after the fall of a fixed installation method.

Technological process:

Technical preparation work before installation: ground assembly network rack, inspection, hoisting preparation, test crane, hoisting, air position, bearing support, ground assembly, attention items:

When assembling, the support is arranged under the bolt ball according to the force magnitude of each bolt ball, so as to prevent the deformation of the grid member. After assembly, check whether each member is deformed and whether the bolt ball joint bolts are tightened.

The lifting plan shall be carried out by lifting with 4 machines. When the crane is arranged in the lifting of the 4 cranes, the work performance of each crane and the requirement of the space shift of the space truss must be taken into consideration. To measure the speed of each lifting crane lifting, master to lifting, four units of the crane can meet the requirements, should be arranged in a grid of four cranes on both sides, as long as four cranes will lift the top of the vertical frame, rotating a certain angle, to complete the grid air displacement requirements.

Selection of hanging points

The layout of the hanging point shall be as much as possible as the force in the hoisting of the space truss is basically the same as that of the grid work state. The weight, the area and the position of the hanging point before the lifting of the space truss should be carefully calculated according to the actual situation of the process, so as to ensure the safety of the hoisting of the grid. Tie up the hoisting rope, check and start lifting. Test and lifting of space frame. The space truss test shall be carried out. After the grid is separated from the ground, 50cm shall be checked for the hanging point, the rope and the grid structure. Once again, it is confirmed that all is normal so that the hoisting can be carried out formally. The official lifting, lifting a place, the grid is located on the ball pivot column. When increased to 300mm high than the top, air displacement, grid center alignment rack bearing center, four cranes and off the hook, will fall to the top in the grid.

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