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Bridge - highlight the 12 wonders of the world steel structure elegant and magnificent momentum
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According to the United States, "Huffington post" reported on July 25th, from the Akashi kaikyo bridge to the United States Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, many bridges in the world not only created a miracle of engineering, but also a source of inspiration and beauty. To commemorate this great achievement, "Huffington post" before the inventory of the world's 12 seat miracle building bridge, which is a miracle in the history of design, it is also the sign of creation inspiration.

1, France's first Takahashi, "said Menoir viaduct completed in 2004, a total of 343 meters high tower, bridge 2460 meters long, 32 meters wide. The highest point of this bridge is 23 meters higher than that of Eiffel Tower in france.

2, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge nicknamed "blink bridge", because the bridge can rise to let the ship through the curved bridge cable with the above looks like a huge eyes.

3, by China to design, construction and management of the world's longest cross sea bridge - Hangzhou Bay Bridge, bridge construction is one of the most difficult in the world, a total length of 36 km.

4,Colorado bridge, a total length of 4 2 km, is located in the western United States of Colorado Grand Canyon, the glass bridge extends 21 meters, the bridge 1200 meters away from the bottom, can also bear the weight of 20 thousand people.

5, Turkey Bosphorus bridge is the first bridge across Strait of Bosporus and linking Asia and Europe two, cross sea bridge, so also known as the "Eurasia bridge".

6, the Canadian federal bridge a total length of 13 km, is the longest in the world built on the ice covered waters of the bridge, known as the "modern bridge engineering masterpiece"

7,at the end of twentieth Century and the International Bridge Engineering Association organized in twentieth Century 15 of the world's most beautiful bridge "award, Sonny Berg bridge in switzerland.

8, located in the center of Iran city of Isfahan Iran bridge, a total length of 132 meters, the distance is very low, the most characteristic is that the 23 with Islamic style arch bridge.

9, Singapore appearance structure of Helix Bridge resembles human DNA, spiral stretch.

10, Norway Hali bridge is imitated Italy painter, architect and engineer Da Vinci's original design, known as "Monalisa in the bridge"".

11, the Spanish Alamiluo bridge is one of the world's most beautiful bridge, the whole bridge view is like a harp, elegant appearance.

12, South Korea Seoul Hanjiang River Banpo bridge is a double deck bridge, ten thousand bridge on both sides of the fountain has become a major tourist attractions.

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