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Steel grid structure of automatic welding and manual welding process
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Reduction of labour intensity

Traditional manual welding, welding workers to maintain welding posture for 8 hours, and observe the welding situation at all times, the work condition is nervous. And automatic welding, only the workers simple operation button, and after each pipe welding, welding machine is responsible for loading and unloading the workpiece. In the automatic welding machine welding process, only need to observe the welding quality, it can be seen that the automatic welding process can make the operator part in the relaxed state of relaxation, can make the worker fatigue degree drops greatly.

Product quality improvement

Traditional manual welding process for the steam welding, welding quality and workers' proficiency, fatigue, sense of responsibility is related to the workers' income is mostly piecework wages, quality is unstable. The automatic welding machine as long as the need to set the voltage and current data and quality level, the welding quality is completely consistent, very stable, can save a lot of quality sampling time, to further improve the production efficiency. Automatic welding due to mechanical control, weld appearance neat and beautiful, more easily favored by the owners.

Capacity expansion

First of all, the automatic welding machine after the original manual welding process, each line of production of 4 welding workers can operate two automatic welding machine. After comparison, we found that manual welding process, 4 skilled welding workers, the per capita processing space truss 10-12 tons per day, and the use of automatic welding process, 2 skilled welding operator, can produce 7-9 tons per day. It can be seen that the output of mechanical automation is 1.5 times that of the past, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. And after a brief training new employees can quickly become a skilled operator, at the same time, the labor intensity is reduced, the workers shift rotation system to perform as possible. This allows the factory to undertake a sudden increase in production tasks become reality, processing plant processing capacity is rapidly expanding.

Cost reduction

Other aspects of the production line is not changed, 8 welding workers only 6 production workers can complete at the same time, the demand of low quality operator Ding welder, whether or piecework salary requirements are lower than the welders, help enterprises against compensation costs increasing pressure. Although the equipment costs a one-time input, but can rely on excess capacity to quickly recover costs. In the long run, the cost of production has been reduced.

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