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Rack installation requirements and quality control
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Requirements for installation of space grids

1, bolt to the corresponding position to ensure the stability and guarantee the existence of bolts, no visible contact to the sleeve seam.

2. When installing the rod, the bending of the rod must not exceed the safety limits stipulated by the relevant state.

3, the grid has been installed to ensure the parts surface clean, no scratches, no loss, no obvious gaps, and can not appear depression and misloading phenomenon, ensure the corresponding interface corresponding accurately, if the wrong equipment needs in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of replacement.

4, paint corresponding thickness and quality related requirements must meet the design specifications within the error range, in order to ensure the overall network of chromaticity requirements.

5. The structure of the grid has been built, the center of the node displacement error is less than 1.5mm, and to ensure that the length of the single cone mesh can not be greater than l.5mm.

6. After all the grids are installed, the longitudinal and transverse lengths of the space grids need less than L/2000, and no less than or equal to 30mm. The center deviation of the bearing should be less than L/3000 and be less than or equal to 30mm.

7. The height difference between the adjacent supports is less than or equal to 15mm, and the height difference between the highest point and the lowest point should be less than or equal to 30mm.

8 、 no-load deflection ensures less than L/800.

9, pick up the personnel to be ready for the measurement tools such as theodolite level, steel tape and auxiliary tool steel cone, etc., to check the required.

10, quality inspection personnel should remain at the construction site continued uninterrupted, to master the construction situation, and make the necessary records, improve relevant information, and timely to the quality engineer and supervisor, and actively work closely and cooperate.

The civil control of the quality control of the grid installation

It put the parts corresponding to the location, not lying and not be damaged and lost phenomenon, ensure the embedded in the surface clean and axis position, standard height and dimension should be accurate, also need to ensure that the vertical and horizontal length deviation is less than 30mm, embedded parts center offset is less than 30mm, adjacent to the embedded parts less than 15mm, the maximum height difference around the embedded parts must be less than 30mm.

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