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Loading capacity of network frame steel structure how to calculate?
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The main load of truss steel structure is divided into three kinds, respectively is the load, the permanent load and variable load load is generally three kinds, including weight shell structure, roof maintenance structure weight, suspension equipment load and road load tube. For storage bins, there are four main types of variable loads, namely, roof load, snow load, wind load and ash load. Then, how is the load on the steel structure of the grid calculated? Let's take a look at it.

First, the load of the grid steel structure is a kind of load that must be considered in the construction and metallurgical industry, which is unified all over the country, about 0.5KN/m2 or LOKN/m2. But if it is in the power plant or the coal industry, steel grid structure inside the coal reservoir's production environment is relatively good, can not consider the dust load. At the same time, heavy loads in snow or roof loads should be considered together with ash loading.

Two important load and snow load and grid steel structure, the snow load is sensitive to load for the construction of large span, in many countries had a space truss steel structure collapsed in the snow day of the accident, there is snow in the cold region must consider snow load, should also take into account the uniform distribution, no roof semi uniform distribution and uniform distribution.

Three, affect the snow load distribution are the main reasons of roof in three, respectively is the wind factor, roof shape and roof slope factors in space truss steel structure in the uneven distribution of snow load will generally control action, the provisions in general, snow load needs and dust load considering.

The above is how to calculate the load on the steel structure of the space grid.

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