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Control of spatial steel structure material
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Grid is a new type of steel structure, he not only has the characteristics of large span, wide coverage, light structure, but also has good stability and security, has become a widely used structure form. The space truss structure is convenient to draw materials, and Q235 steel and Q345 steel are generally adopted. There are two kinds of bar sections: steel tube and angle steel. The form of steel pipe has been used widely

Grid detection can be divided into the carrying capacity of the joint, the weld size and deviation, member of flatness, steel truss deflection and rack bearing projects. Detection of welding ball, bolt ball, high strength bolts and rod deviation, detection method and allowable deviation should be according to the "inspection and evaluation of grid structure quality standard" (JGJ78) regulations. Grid tubular member of wall thickness, the ultrasonic thickness measurement instrument, detection should be removed before facing layer. Bar axis of space truss of flatness detection method, available cable, the unevenness is not more than 1/1000 of the length of the bar frame. The deflection can be used for laser range finder or level detection, each half span range of the number of not less than 3, and the cross should have 1 points, the end of the measuring point end support should be no more than 1m, and the measured deflection value shall not exceed 1.15 times the corresponding design value. The grid bearing can be used to observe or detect with ruler. The bearing should be stable and reliable; the bottom of the support pad (or plate) shall be free from defects, damage and unstable phenomenon.

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