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Network frame structure seismic design method based on displacement
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With the development of economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, long-span grid structures are widely used in architecture. The grid structure is a grid shaped space bar structure, which is arranged by the joints according to certain rules. The utility model has the advantages of large span, good rigidity, good stability, safe and reliable, good seismic performance, strong adaptability, etc., and is convenient for industrialization and standardization. The space truss structure belongs to many times statically indeterminate structure, and its space force performance, integrity and stability analysis are difficult. After the Tangshan earthquake in 1976, people began to consider the space grid structure as the roof of some industrial buildings and public buildings.

Then, how to carry out the seismic design of the grid structure has become an important issue of concern. The structure of the theory of performance-based seismic design is a new concept of seismic design in 1990s civil engineering field, aroused great interest of scholars and research in many aspects, the direct displacement based seismic design method is based on the design method of a kind of performance. It is an advantage of displacement seismic design to select design performance goals conveniently and reasonably. The displacement (or deformation) than the strength (or capacity) can reflect the performance of structure under earthquake, thus directly to the seismic design method of structure design of displacement control than the current seismic design method based on the strength of more simple, conceptually clearer, more conducive to the realization of performance-based seismic design. When the existing seismic code for structural seismic design, the first step in accordance with the strength based method for structural design, and then second steps on the design of the structure deformation check.

The displacement based seismic design method starts with the structural displacement as the control parameter, so that the behavior of the structure under earthquake can be well grasped. This paper reviews the development process of structure seismic design theory, introduced the various stages of development: the static seismic response spectrum theory, stage theory phase, dynamic theory stage and are now popular based on the theory of stage performance (PBSD); the direct displacement based seismic design and the specific design steps in detail. Put forward with the grid structure of the maximum displacement and truss structure. The damage degree of double control index, to achieve the seismic performance objectives of grid structure, this method is applied to a truss structure of direct displacement based seismic design. Through engineering examples, it is proved that the maximum displacement of the grid structure and the damage degree of the grid member are two control indexes. It is feasible to design the displacement based seismic performance of the special-shaped grid structures.

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