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Steel structure rack reasonable application range
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1, the plasticity and toughness of steel is good: steel structure, space truss project under static load, the steel has a good plastic deformation ability.

2, poor corrosion resistance of steel: corrosion, cross-section weakened, damage to the structure, steel in humidity, corrosive medium environment, easy to affect service life, so the steel structure of the grid needs regular maintenance.

3, steel structure of the grid manufacturing, construction, assembly: small site, short construction period, less light components, easy construction, but also easy to dismantle, reinforcement and expansion.

4, the steel structure of the grid workshop has no leakage characteristics: no matter the use of welding, riveting or bolt connection, steel structure network can be sealed and not leak.

5, steel has good welding performance: the so-called welding performance "good" refers to the steel in the welding process and welding, can maintain the integrity of the welding part of the nature of cracking.

6, the steel mouth is close to the homogeneous isotropic: each block will have roughly the same mechanical properties, but also in the direction of the performance of roughly the same, the steel is divided into small pieces, is the basis of solid mechanics.

7, steel structure grid housing light weight and high bearing capacity: light and high-strength materials.

8, steel structure net good heat resistance, but poor fireproof performance: strength and plasticity changes are large, reaching 600 degrees, the strength is reduced to zero, completely lost the capacity to improve the fire resistance rating of steel grid, half of the common concrete or brick structure will wrap up, also can be coated with fireproof coating, fireproof coating thickness. 15mm, fireresistance steel reached 1.5h. The experimental results show that the properties of the steel changed little from 150 to 150 at room temperature.

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