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Why do many people believe that steel structural earthquake resistance is better?
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Now for many buildings, many of the environment brought to grind steel structure construction, with the continuous change of environment, building structures of what is good, many architects have considered the steel structure equipment is now more popular.

What kind of house has better seismic performance? What is the seismic effect of more and more high-rise buildings with steel structure engineering? According to the seismic level from low to high, can be divided into several cases, rural residential earthquake of civil engineering structures is the worst earthquake in Wenchuan in 90% collapsed; followed by the masonry structure, with 6 to 10 floor to see, because a large amount of brick, strong brittleness; third is the bottom frame structure, i.e. the bottom layer is used as a frame structure, Street commercial outlets, large bay, more than 2 layers of brick and concrete structure, because the two kinds of materials with different rigidities, top-heavy, after the earthquake ground easy to collapse.

Relatively robust seismic structure of the frame, more than 10 storeys of the building more; the better is the frame shear wall structure, and better is the pure shear wall structure. There is also one of the most solid is the steel structure, more used in shopping malls, passenger stations and other buildings, in Japan and other countries are also a large number of use, flexibility is good, can absorb the earthquake force, but the cost is very high.

At present, more than 30 storeys of high-rise buildings are mostly frame shear wall structure, the structure of this building in the Wenchuan earthquake did not bad, the performance is very good. According to reports, shear wall is concrete structure, stiffness, and bear the level of earthquake intensity, more solid. So, depending on the building height, the key depends on the structure of the building.

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