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Steel structure housing industrialization seminar
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To promote the development of Xuzhou steel structure housing industrialization, presided over by the Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of urban and rural construction, building energy conservation and scientific research and design department in the morning of May 15, 2013, the first meeting of the Xuzhou Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong grids room Xuzhou steel structure residential industry seminar held.

A personnel attending the meeting, Xuzhou City Urban Construction Bureau of building energy conservation and scientific research and Design Office of the director of Wang Jianhua, deputy director Chen Zhong, general manager of the building housing BNBM Ltd. Liu Guiping, sales director Gao Yingjie, assistant general manager Yang Chuankun, Jiangsu Huasheng architectural design limited company deputy general manager Yuan Ye Jiangsu building project, Career Technical College professor Zhang Baojun Jiangsu, long steel structure Co., Ltd. chief engineer Zhang Dejing, Xuzhou construction machinery metal structure association secretary general Jiang Baixian, Xuzhou Feihong grid construction limited company chairman Gao Hong, general manager and party secretary Zhao Dunshi Zhong Xianhua.

Two, the meeting first heard the building materials in the new North Group Housing Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Guiping until the comrades will introduce the new North Housing Co., Ltd. development process and light steel structure residential advantages and prospects.

North Housing Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2002, with a total investment of 400 million yuan, is the central enterprises, China Building Materials Group (the world's top 500 365th) owned by the north building materials under the light steel structure housing career platform. The light steel structure housing system represents the mainstream trend of the advanced residential buildings in the world today, and it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the traditional architectural style of our country, which is consistent with the national "four sections and one environmental protection" residential industrial policies. At the end of 2002, the Ministry of construction was identified as the industrialization base of China's housing industry. In the Ministry of construction and all departments under the support of "North housing system" technical specification for building steel sheet QBH-1-2003 successfully through the national Ministry of construction audit, but also China so far in the technical aspects of the only sheet behind the national Ministry of construction group of experts certification comprehensive technical regulations. At the same time, the new housing is "low level of cold-formed steel buildings" technical specification for JGJ 227-2011 (industry standard) the main compiling unit, the technical indicators far more than the industry standard.

Thin slab steelstud building system is a structure of technology, complete and efficient energy-saving building, both inside and outside decoration, insulation, electrical and plumbing construction equipment and ecology in the green building system, widely used in developed countries, building technology, Yu Guoji at the advanced level.

Thin slab steelstud building system, with 0.4 to 3.3 thick galvanized steel, mixed rolled section of the C type and U type thin wall steel, through the "factory" production scale, combined into a wall, floor, roof and other components to be assembled quickly on the scene.

This system is a prefabricated wall bearing system has the advantages of light weight, large span, wind resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation and other excellent characteristics of building rational index, the construction site without welding, coating, convenient and quick.

The new company and Xuzhou Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong grids has just begun in recent years in terms of technology cooperation has been Xuzhou Municipal People's government's concern and support, will be landing in Xuzhou light steel residential development.

Three, the experts of the North Housing Limited products and Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co., independent production model of the housing construction ideas.

We all agreed that the steel structure residential industry is a development trend, and it is an important part of the country to promote green construction. Xuzhou Feihong network construction limited company to develop the steel structure housing industry, create the base of industrialization of steel structure residence is very promising.

At present, the model of the housing is generally good, but there are still some problems, suggestions, wall insulation, wall insulation, roof rainwater collection and utilization of solar energy, courtyard of the same floor drainage and doors and windows shading integrated application of energy and water saving, material saving, environmental protection and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration, the checks from the drawings the model of the housing construction, in line with the surface green building specifications.

Construction machinery metal structure association secretary general Jiang Baixian said: the association in accordance with the Municipal Construction Bureau, to assist Xuzhou Feihong Network Construction Co. Ltd. do this work.

Four, Wang Jianhua, director of the Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of urban and rural construction, made 4 demands

1, the steel structure housing industrialization project in Xuzhou Feihong Co. Ltd. as the main network construction project, play Feihong grids of years of design, manufacture and installation of steel structure truss, the advantage of relying on the rainbow brand, joint design, development of supporting enterprises, jointly create the base of industrialization of steel structure residence in Xuzhou.

2, Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co., organize the relevant units as soon as possible to improve the drawings to reflect the energy saving and emission reduction, recycling of materials and building components assembled green building performance, to grasp the attention of Jiangsu province local building regulations and cold area function.

3, Xuzhou Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong grids to set up a project team of full-time staff as soon as possible, set a schedule, to promote the progress of the project, to be specific to the development direction of multi-storey steel structure residential buildings and three floors below the light steel structure housing.

4, as government departments, we fully support the construction of the project and strive to make progress, Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. to become the province of steel structure residential industrialization designated enterprises.

Five, Xuzhou Feihong network construction limited company chairman Gao Hong said, thank the Municipal Construction Bureau leaders and experts to support, in accordance with the instructions of the leadership of the Construction Bureau, the recommendations of the experts pay close attention to the implementation of the project, conscientious to deepen the drawings design, model room decoration etc.. Do a good job in the steel residential housing at the same time, it has to take 89 acres of commercial land in Jiawang, to organize the personnel in accordance with the green building planning and design requirements, as soon as possible to make the steel structure housing industrialization demonstration area planning and design.

The policy of steelhousing industrialization has brought opportunities and challenges to our Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. ltd.. We must do a solid job in this new structure of R & D, design, manufacturing, construction and other work, to promote the healthy development of the steel structure industry in Xuzhou.

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