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Rainbow website open steel structure residence
Release time:2017-5-27 9:31:15      Click on the number of times:1148

The continuous development of the steel structure, has also been in residential areas have some prospects for development. Xuzhou Feihong website and expand their business scope, will also be included in their industry in the steel structure housing. So, what's the advantage of residential buildings?

Feihong introduction: light weight steel structure truss, used in the stadium, swimming pool, airports and other places, and is now used in residential areas. The steel structure of the steel structure house can enlarge the space, can accurately determine the size, the installation is convenient, and the steel structure also has the advantages of earthquake resistance, wind resistance and good safety. At the same time, the steel structure also has the function of environmental protection, and can reduce the pollution to the environment during construction and demolition.

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