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Net of xuzhou feihong grids in what place
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The grid has many years of history in our country, with China's steel structure truss, first-class production equipment, the company has Feihong grids a large number of technical personnel with decades of truss, steel structure design, manufacture, construction experience, and the completion of the Yunnan Kunming, Tengzhou Olin PEAK center, Shanghai World Expo Museum and many other projects. Now our country vigorously promote the construction of green environmental protection and energy saving type steel structure housing, so the company also Feihong grids have the experience. There are a lot of people do not know Xuzhou Feihong grids in what place? Xuzhou Feihong grid in Jiawang District of Xuzhou City Road 206 East Industrial Park in Jiawang, Tel: 0516-66887788.

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