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The development of network frame construction
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Grid construction experts said: over the past ten years, the power company has invested 49 billion 200 million yuan to build and improve the power grid. At present, the power grid jurisdiction over 110 thousand volts and above substations 331, substation capacity of 5744 KVA, transmission line 28 thousand and 400 km. Qinghai, Ningxia, and Shaanxi power grid, Xinjiang power grid connected to the 10 to 750 thousand volt transmission channel has been completed and put into production, the construction of 750 thousand kV transmission line 3630 km, 1 million 350 thousand KVA substation capacity, inter provincial power transmission capacity to reach 12 million kilowatts.

At present, Xinjiang to the Northwest Power Grid 750 thousand volt second channel project smoothly, is expected to put into operation in July this year, it will increase Jiuquan wind power, solar power transmission capacity, ease of new energy generation limited. The power company will also start the 750 thousand V Wuwei, Jiuquan main transformer expansion project, Lanzhou - Baoji - Tianshui 750 thousand volt power transmission project, 330 thousand V Crescent Spring in Dunhuang, Minqin Hongshagang power transmission project, to further improve the province's ability to optimize the allocation of energy and electric power transmission capacity. By 2015, the power grid and the interval adjacent province will form new 4, Gansu Shaanxi Gansu 4, Gansu 6, Gansu Ningxia 750 thousand volt grid pattern 2 back, electric power and energy hub channel will be brought into full play.

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