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Network frame residential development prospects
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Grid construction company said: "now with the continuous improvement of the economy and steel production, so the development of steel residential building structure is essential.". And now, China is accelerating the development of the industrialization process of grid housing, and developing the modernization system of housing industry with standardization, serialization and specialization, socialized production and commercial supply as the basic direction. The Ministry of construction and the China Association for standardization of engineering construction are organizing the research and development of the structural selection of residential buildings with multilayer light grids, new enclosure structures and partition systems, and space trusses, components and fittings. It is foreseeable that in the near future, the development and application of grid housing will have a new leap.

The current residential grid very glowing, and usually use houses, so the grid residential exactly what advantage? Here to listen to the relevant introduction of the grid construction company:

1, flexible layout, large width, the Fangxing rich, raised construction area of 3%~5%. The utility model has the advantages of sufficient flexibility, flexibility and safety, and is favorable for meeting the living needs of modern people and adapting to the market demand of modern houses.

2, light weight, can reduce the weight of the building about 30%, is conducive to the construction of the high-rise, especially in geological low capacity places and high seismic intensity, the comprehensive economic benefit is superior to the general residential building system.

3, can be factory production, can easily achieve industrialization, standardization, mass production, improve productivity.

4, the space grid construction cycle can be reduced by half than the concrete construction cycle, can greatly reduce the amount of operation, while energy efficiency indicators can reach 50%, so the grid housing is very good.

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