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Space truss structure can keep ventilation cooling
Release time:2017-5-27 9:26:27      Click on the number of times:1083

The bird's nest is the most beautiful building, and the bird's nest is built with a grid structure. The grid structure is mainly used for building used as a theater, gymnasium, exhibition hall, waiting hall, stadium awning, hangar etc.. So, can the grid structure keep ventilation and cooling?

First, thickening isolation method: to steel structure, plant roofing plus insulation cotton, add insulation cotton color steel plate, steel structure roof with winter and summer cool role.

Two. Installation of ventilation: as steel structure, some machines in the factory produce heat and water vapor, it will be like a steamer. Therefore, installing a suitable ventilation system can effectively reduce the temperature of the steel structure workshop.

Three 、 spraying high efficiency heat insulation reflective coating: spraying high efficiency heat insulation reflective coating on roof color steel plate. This product has excellent insulation and thermal insulation properties.

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