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What are a little space truss structure
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In the form of many space structures, the grid structure (grid construction) is the fastest growing structure. It is a kind of space bar structure which is arranged by the connecting rod according to a certain rule. The shape of the grid structure can be in a flat shape, namely a grid structure or a curved surface, namely a reticulated shell. Especially, the space truss is widely used both at home and abroad, so it has certain advantages. Let's listen to the expert Feihong grids to introduce grid structure is what?

1, although there are ten or twenty kinds of structure of grid structure, each of them is very regular, and it is easy to master the layout, which is very convenient for designers. Space within the height of the grid can be used to set up pipelines and other facilities. The structure of the grid is exposed or partly exposed, because of its geometric rules, it can enrich the building effect. The grid structure can also adapt to all kinds of supporting conditions and various architectural plane shapes, and can meet the requirements of public buildings and industrial plants, so it is willing to be used by designers.

2 、 node connection is simple and reliable. In recent years, grid joints and their components have gradually been standardized, industrialized and commercialized, which not only simplifies the manufacture and installation of node connections, but also ensures the mechanical performance of nodes and the quality is reliable.

3 、 computer aided design has been used in analysis and calculation.

4, processing mechanization, and has been fully factory. The members and joints of the grid structure are relatively single and standardized, so they can be produced in batches in factories and machined.

5, material economy, can use less materials across the larger span. The grid structure is a structure system of three to force the space intersection of the rod support each other, will be affected by the rod and the support system organically combined rod and subjected to axial force, thus the economic materials, stiffness, suitable for the large span.

6. To meet the requirements of industrialization and commercialization of the building, the design of the node and bolt ball joint grid structure is adopted.

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