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The principle of selection of the spatial grid structure
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Steel structure engineering is one of the main types of building structures. Steel structure is one of the most common structural forms in modern architectural engineering. The grid structure is a kind of spatial steel structure which is formed by connecting many bars with a certain grid form.

Listen to experts on the selection of network structure Feihong grids is introduced:

1. Large span grid structure: three intersecting grid and triangle cone

2 plane cross truss system: the plane shape is square or close to the square, should adopt the orthogonal positive form; when the plane shape is rectangle, should adopt the orthogonal oblique form, and not inclined to use oblique oblique form.

3, support: supporting suitable for large and middle span truss; supports flexible arrangement, suitable for large span workshop, warehouse; mixed support for aircraft assembly workshop or storehouse.

4, when the plane shape is triangular shaped, hexagonal or circular, triangular grid system is preferred. Among them, the rigidity of the triangle cone grid is the biggest, and the evacuation triangle cone is second, but the material is saved and the structure is simple. The honeycomb stiffness is the worst, and the support should be combined with the surrounding support when choosing.

5, four pyramid system of the grid, is put in force, even, stiffness is the best, is to take time to save steel, easy lighting, ventilation; oblique and star, is conducive to give full play to the strength of the material.

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