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Steel structure is usually used in what respect
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Now, the steel structure construction of steel structure engineering construction with grid structure construction is more rapid development today, has been more and more widely used. The steel structure has the advantages of factory production, the site only by high-strength bolt connection, fast installation time is short, fast recovery of investment; plus the material is homogeneous, good plasticity and toughness, reliable quality and safety; flexible design, flexible layout, low cost, various colors and many other advantages make steel structure in recent years has been widely used, has received more praise in the market.

The structure is widely used and is usually used in the following aspects

1, single and multi-storey industrial and commercial buildings;

2, office buildings, primary and secondary schools, hospitals;

3, luxury villas, tourist buildings;

4, modern commercial buildings for all types of markets;

5 、 movable building (removable building, emergency project);

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