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The father of Chinese flat rack
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he spatial structure has become one of the most active fields in the discipline of architectural structure. The construction and technology of space structure not only reflect the technical level of a country, but also become a symbol of the economic strength of a country. Professor Liu Xiliang as our country to carry out one of the earlier experts steel space structure theory and engineering, made a large number of innovative achievements and important contributions to the development of new fields of China's space structure, as the founder and pioneer of the field.

In 1955, Liu Xiliang, 27, graduated from the first steel structure Graduate School of civil engineering of Tsinghua University, and went to Brunswick Steel University in 1982. He was a senior visiting scholar in the Institute of steel structure research. He is a professor of civil engineering and a supervisor of doctoral students, director of the Steel Structure Research Institute of Tianjin University. Who is also a member of Council and the spatial structure of China Committee Department of Civil Engineering Institute, vice chairman of the association of China steel structure and steel structure association deputy director of space steel structure association, vice chairman of the Tianjin society of civil engineering and bridge structure and association, Professor of Tianjin Institute of Nankai District Science and Technology Association chairman and chairman of the civil Liu Xiliang fifty years engaged in steel structure teaching and scientific research and development work, in terms of spatial structure has made innovative achievements and important contribution. Mainly there:

In 1958 he participated in the design work of the famous Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the upper structure of our country, as a design leader; in 1962 the first successful design of hyperbolic paraboloid saddle shaped suspension roof structure and first applied to the gymnasium of Tianjin University; in 1966 the first successful study of welded hollow spherical joints, and applied to the Tianjin science and technology hall, enjoyed a high reputation in the country; in 1979 wrote China's first monograph "spatial structure of grid design in scientific research and on the basis of many years" (60 words), its role in the promotion of China's space truss plays an important role; he is one of the main preparation of China's "grid structure design and construction standards". Classification, calculation methods and test methods of space trusses. Welded hollow spherical joints, compression bars, slenderness ratio, and other innovative results are accepted by this standard.

Professor Liu Xiliang has published nearly 200 papers and thirteen books in important journals and conferences at home and abroad. Lead and guide a large number of PhD students to the international forefront of spatial structure research in recent years, China has to fill the gaps, to write papers, there are a lot of achievements, and has published a book "modern spatial structure), it will be used for China's 2008 Olympic stadium construction laid a good the theoretical basis and the power reserve.

For many years, Professor Liu Xiliang has adhered to the principle of combining teaching, scientific research and production, actively served the socialist economic construction, and helped many provinces and cities set up the production enterprises of space trusses. As a part-time chief engineer, personally responsible for the design and construction of nearly dry seat project, about 1000000 square meters, a record output value of several hundred million yuan. He has trained the first graduate student in space structure in China, and has trained more than 100 master and doctoral students over the past ten years. He has also trained five post doctoral teachers and advanced teachers, who have become teaching in different parts of the country. The leadership and backbone of scientific research, design, production and enterprises, and dozens of training courses have been held throughout the country, with thousands of students.

Professor Liu Xiliang in more than twenty part-time academic societies, both at home and abroad have great influence in academic circles, is the founder of the field of spatial structure in our country and pioneers, and civil engineering in our country, especially has made an outstanding contribution to the construction and development of the field of spatial structure.

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