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Steel industry is the largest percentage of loss-incurring enterprises in ten years
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According to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association for key large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises statistics, in the first quarter industry losses amounted to 1 billion 34 million yuan, the loss of 33%, the largest in 10 years. The same period in 2011 the steel industry to achieve a net profit of more than 20 billion yuan, the listed steel enterprises performance can be described as "clouds". 34 listed steel enterprises in the first quarter loss of 1 billion 731 million yuan, the performance fell 122.55%. Shougang, steel, Maanshan Iron and steel and other steel enterprises is expected to continue in the first half loss. Experts pointed out that the upstream raw material costs are high, and the downstream demand is not common, extrusion, steel enterprises profit margins are seriously compressed, the industry overcapacity problem has become increasingly prominent.

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