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Xuzhou new Olympic sports center project of steel structure project launch in an all-round way
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At the beginning of October 2012, Xuzhou city construction of key projects, eighteen Shengyunhui home court Museum - Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center project of steel structure project started. 11, at the construction site, the reporter saw the workers are carrying out a "three Museum" in the stadium steel structure hoisting project, is expected by the end of the stadium steel structure project completed. At the end of October, steel structure project of the other 3 venues officially launched. Curtain wall project is planned to start early next year.

The Olympic Sports Center project, as the key project of Xuzhou's trans annual urban construction, launched the first pile in June 2011. Starting a year, the project has completed a total length of 300 thousand meters of pile foundation, earthwork 800 thousand cubic meters, steel banding 34 thousand tons. Venues are expected to be completed by June next year.

According to the person in charge of the construction headquarters of Olympic Sports Center, the total amount of steel used in the steel structure of the stadium will reach more than 10 thousand tons, and the thickness of the steel plate will be 50 millimeters.

According to the plan, the Olympic Sports Center takes the stadium as the center, around the construction three competition venues and a sports hotel. The stadium near Hanyuan Avenue, three seat stadiums and a sports hotel is located in the east side of the stadium, in order from north to South: comprehensive training hall, sports hall, swimming diving hall and sports hotel.

Among them, the stadium has a total construction area of 54077 square meters, about 35000 seats, belonging to the medium-sized B field, which can organize regional and national individual events. The venue design standard 400 meter circular track, and all kinds of standard football field. A 60 meter warm-up track and training bunkers are set up under the East stand.

In the three Olympic Sports Center, the ball stadium has a total construction area of 36339.54 square meters, with 7 indoor tennis courts, 50 badminton courts and 72 table tennis venues. Swimming and diving hall, with a total construction area of 34077.39 square meters, is equipped with a fixed view of 2000 seats, for medium-sized B class museum. The comprehensive training hall, the total construction area of 37059.21 square meters, inside the stadium and gym, gym class B for small hall, the size of about 2087 seats, of which 1457 fixed seats, 630 seat grandstand activities, can meet the needs of basketball, volleyball and handball and gymnastics competition requirements; underground layer of standard ice stadium. Training halls include basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, fencing, martial arts, gymnastics, chess and other training rooms.Volleyball, handball, gymnastics and other competition requirements; set up a standard ice rink on the ground floor. Training halls include basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, fencing, martial arts, gymnastics, chess and other training rooms.

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