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Steel structure housing value are recognised around the world
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From a global perspective, the Japanese territory is in the Pacific seismic belt, with a special emphasis on the pursuit of good seismic performance of the house. In the late 1990s, 18% of the Japanese prefabricated residential buildings were made of wood, 11% of concrete and 71% of steel. Steel structure, industrialization, residential manufacturers, relatively large scale, there are 7~8. In 1965, steel accounted for only 15% of the construction market in the United States; in 1990 it rose to 53%; by 2000 it had risen to 75%.

In addition, Australia, France, Italy, Finland and other countries have their own mature steel structure residential system, steel residential housing accounted for a large share of the market. At present, the developed countries have the special system to the general system of large-scale industrialization, namely the development of standardization and universalization of construction parts, building products as the center, with the social and professional production and commercialization of modern supply mode of housing industrialization as the basic direction, which is based on steel structure.

However, generally speaking, developed countries lower houses is the mainstream residential building, a system, a high degree of industrialization are mostly low rise residential, but there are also many examples of mature residential high-rise steel structure. For example, Japan Lu Wu Bang high-rise steel residential structure, by Nippon Steel and bamboo in the official store, Matsushita Electric, Matsushita Xingchan, Gaosha jointly proposed and industrial heat, "Lu Wu Bang high-rise residential planning" tender first. The scheme divides the structural members from the buildings of each household. The main structure is a pure steel frame composed of box steel columns, H steel columns, steel beams and steel supports.

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