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How to put the steel structure industry listed in the national strategic industry
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The development of steel structure industry plays a leading role in the development of key industries such as iron and steel, equipment manufacturing and construction industry. At present, the comprehensive technical level of China's steel structure has reached the international advanced level, but there is still a big gap in the fields of informatization, automation, standardization, scientific research and innovation, compared with developed countries. I hope the state will increase its support and support for the steel structure industry so that it can step up the scale and speed up its development.

How to plan the steel structure scientifically, how to regulate the steel structure industry and how to develop the steel industry scientifically, there are still many subjects to be studied.

Difficulties: enterprises should increase new vitality

China Construction Metal Structure Association experts pointed out that the development of an industry can not be separated from the promotion of core enterprises; an industry must rely on the revitalization of a number of leading enterprises. China's steel structure industry to develop, must have its own leading enterprises, brand enterprises. In this regard, the development of China's steel structure is still a growth period, the industry concentration is not high, the industry chain is not complete, to create world-class brands, but also to do a lot of hard work.

Calm analysis of domestic leading enterprises or brand-name enterprises, there are still many management problems, "soft power" deficiency can not adapt to international competition. Some steel enterprises are still trapped in the vicious circle of false qualifications, subcontracting projects and lack of skilled personnel. For some are starting businesses, some blind fashion, some mercenary, no change in the mode of development, marketing system, in the design, manufacture, construction quality and other aspects there are many problems to be solved.

How to include the steel structure industry in the national strategic industry?

How can enterprises increase their new vitality? Industry experts pointed out that the innovative development model is the key to strengthening the vitality of enterprises. And attention to enterprise "soft power" is also one of the driving forces of enterprise development. This includes the importance of corporate social responsibility, including the implementation of talent strategy and many other factors. Many problems involved in this regard can not be separated from the support of the government, but also from the guidance of trade associations. However, the key is to change the concept of enterprises.

Focus: industry associations combination

The role of industry associations in promoting enterprise development is beyond doubt. To China Construction Metal Structure Association as an example, last year the association and the association held the world steel China Brand Summit 2010, this is not only the exchange of technology of steel structure industry academic event, is a showcase Chinese steel structure enterprises and new style steel structure construction achievements of the event. Through the summit held successfully, to further expand the influence of Chinese steel enterprises in the international market, to further attract international peer attention for steel structure, steel structure Chinese brand to the world and open up a new road. In addition, the China Construction Metal Structure Association in accordance with the relevant new 2010 domestic steel structure qualification certification standards, the relevant production equipment and personnel have new requirements. The association is currently doing standards, trade exchanges, industry self-regulation, appraised awards, exhibition of work, good government assistant, and better services for enterprises.

At the same time, other relevant associations also strive to promote the development of steel structure industry, and strengthen international exchanges and academic exchanges. In the "12th Five-Year" opening year, the steel industry associations how to work together to better serve the industry, the same is the relevant departments, enterprises concerned about the hot spot.

Aspect: public opinion to help

Media witnessed the rapid development of China's steel structure, and related enterprises and associations have also found the hot and difficult problems in the steel structure industry through the relevant media. To this newspaper, for example, only 3 years on the relevant articles published more than a thousand articles, the relevant media are also increasing the steel structure industry coverage.

But there are also misconceptions about the steel industry. Some enterprises regard the information materials of various channels as authoritative reports. There is no formal issues can not be in the national magazine has become some enterprises to establish brand platform, mislead the bidding and construction units, but also for the development of the enterprise itself hidden trouble.

With industry associations and enterprises pay attention to the media has been strengthened to the media brought new hope: to increase energy conservation, low-carbon environmental protection publicity, display and report on the special steel structure building low carbon environmental protection, green energy and other advantages, to create brand-name enterprises more steel structure.

Of course, the media, but also in the support of the relevant departments, for the steel industry in the individual areas of false qualifications, subcontracting projects, shoddy projects and other issues of concern, to correctly guide the development of the industry power.

Key points: the government has increased its support and put steel structure industry into the national strategic industry as soon as possible. The steel output of our country reached 5 million tons in 2010. The blueprint and problem in steel enterprises, whether by 2015 and strive to make the steel structure production reached the national total crude steel production of 10%, to 2015 the steel structure housing construction accounted for the national housing construction total 15%~20%, regardless of whether the vision of science, there is little industry experts consensus: the government should further increase the steel structure industry support, which includes more scientific and specific industrial policies, specific operational support measures.

Steel structure residential system is easy to realize industrialization and standardization of production of new materials with the support of the wall material can be used in energy saving and environmental protection, which belongs to the green environmental protection building and repeated use of renewable, accords with the demand of sustainable development.

Relevant experts suggest that the steel industry should be included in the strategic industries, so as to obtain more policy support. The rapid development of China's steel structure industry will stimulate the demand for steel in China and pave the way for the healthy development of China's steel industry.

In our first 25 storey high-rise residential steel structure concrete filled steel tube as an example, the total floor area of 110 thousand square meters, of which part of the steel structure housing construction area of 70 thousand square meters, using steel frame concrete core tube (shear wall) technology system, framework of concrete-filled steel tubular column, frame beam with high frequency welding made of light H steel, bearing steel slab with composite plate, steel column and beam with weathering steel has good corrosion resistance. The steel structure of the residential building is 4500 tons, and more than 1.8 pieces of steel structural components are fully industrialized.

It is learnt that the relevant departments of the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction has solicited the views of the relevant departments, the China Construction Metal Structure Association is preparing the relevant proposals for the Ministry of housing in the preparation of "12th Five-Year" planning reference.

How to increase the steel related design standards and specifications revision of the investment, how to strengthen and encourage independent innovation, how the trial steel structure general contract management system and many other industries are focused on a key, that is the government to increase support, the steel structure industry included in the national strategic industry as soon as possible, which is the industry's hope!

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