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Municipal party committee organization department non-public enterprise party construction and commu
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Since last year, the city to the building of grassroots organizations and in-depth study and implement the spirit of the eighteen as an opportunity to continue to intensify the grass-roots party construction work innovation, has launched the "Five" community party organization "brand community" to create activities and the dual management of large-scale private enterprise party organization "advanced science, tree brand, establish a benchmark" theme activities, and further stimulate the community and private enterprises in the party organization innovation practice activity, the grass-roots party organizations based on the actual, active exploration, bold practice, grasping norms, strong features, tree brand, the brand consciousness of Party building work. In the local organizations, departments, organizations and guidance and the community, non-public enterprises, Party organizations and extensive participation, the city recommended a total of 17 communities and 17 non-public enterprises party building innovative projects. In July 23rd, the Party Organization Department organized the city's community party building and Party building innovative brand of non-public enterprises will be assessed, the judges by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, municipal organization department and the county (city) District Organization Department has long been engaged in the construction of grass-roots party organizations leaders and experts, after the grass-roots party organization responsible for the promotion, innovation and brand publicity display, PPT expert assessment and other aspects of the final Quanshan District Yongan Street Community Party building the South "scene interactive" heart "lectures and other 10 brand was named in 2013 the city's construction of city community and the top ten innovative brand, Saint Gobain (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. party" pipeline culture cohesion, harmony and stability and promote the development of "10 brands were rated in 2013 the city of non-public enterprises party building top ten innovative brand; Yunlong District cuipingshan Changshan Street Community Party branch" old party mediation room,. Residents of the harmonious sound "7 brand was named the city's construction of city community and excellent brand innovation, Xuzhou Tianhong Textile Co., Ltd. party" Yinfeng "mass energy equation" to stimulate the enterprise party building energy fission release "7 brand was named the city's outstanding brand innovation of Party Construction in non-public enterprises. Attached: list of top ten innovative brands

                   2013, the city's community party building top ten innovative brands

1, scene interactive lectures "moved" (Yongan Street Community Party building south Quanshan District)

2, the innovation of the "365" method to enhance service capacity of community organizations (Community Party committee Qiao village of Copper Mt. town of Copper Mt. District)

3, Party member volunteer activity 543 model constructs the service type community party organization (Gulou District Huang Lou Street dam Community Party committee)

4, community "four in one" party method (peace street music community Quanshan district Party committee)

5, the community party building "e+3" project (Suining County Sui town Zhongshan community party branch)

6, "a team" to create a happy community (Xinyi city Xin'an town Xinyuan community party branch)

7, carry out the "double" activities to stimulate unemployed members chuangxianzhengyou new vitality (Yunlong District Guozhuang River Street Community Party branch)

8, construct the "sanding" mechanism for the construction of fine service oriented Party Organization (Quanshanqu Zhaishan pipeline Street Community Party committee)

9, to promote the "double" construction "Five" community (the canal town of Pizhou City Li mouth Community Party committee)

10, Party members "create green" studio (Jiawang District Old Mine Street, Stephen Wang, head of the community party branch)

2013, the city's non-public enterprises party building top ten innovative brands

1, cultural integration to unite the people and promote the development of harmonious and stable (Saint Gobain (Xuzhou) Pipeline Co. Ltd. party)

2, the implementation of "dual cultivation of double excellence" strategy of building a strong, strong business development Party (VV group party)

3, "open party building work" brand (Jiangsu can silicon industry technology development Co., Ltd. Party committee)

4, the red engine achievement hundred years star, with Party construction, cultural construction to enhance enterprise core competitiveness (Jiangsu Star home appliance technology Co., Ltd. Party committee)

5, the implementation of Party building "starlight" project to promote the healthy development of enterprises (Xu Zhousheng and Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Party committee)

6, the construction of non-public enterprise party organization talent workstation, strengthen the development of the core power source (Jiangsu Guohua industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. Party committee)

7, strengthen the construction of the "three" enhance Party building quality create brand Xu Hong Kong (Xuzhou port (Group) Co. Ltd. party)

8, to build a diversified platform for the construction of service-oriented Party Organization (Xuzhou Feihong Network Construction Co. Ltd. party)

9, the party building culture leads the enterprise culture (Party committee of Jin Shang Shang Group Co., Ltd.)

10, Party members "double training, double lead" project (Huaihai holdings group Party committee)

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