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Our city has a "from the assembly line down the housing" the housing made by xuzhou flying space fra
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Our city has a "walk down" from the assembly line"

The house by Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. manufacturing

Date: [April 2, 2013] Edition: [A15] version: [Xuzhou city]

Steel structure housing model housing reporter Ren Zhonghua photo

Morning news (reporter Wang Yuheng) if you tell the future is no longer a brick house built by one watt, but go down the line from the factory, can you imagine? Yesterday, the reporter saw the first steel structure houses the city housing style in Xuzhou Feihong limited hospital network construction. The ground floor area of more than 200 square meters, more than 100 square meters underground, basement housing, the main body is completed with steel structure, room interval wall is built with special wall maintenance system.

It is understood that the industrial developed countries such as USA and Japan, construction steel accounted for more than 50% of the total consumption of steel, steel structure area accounted for a total construction area of about more than 40%, while China's current building steel consumption reached only 22% to 26%, the steel structure of steel is less than the total steel the yield of 2%.

"Abroad, buy low density residential steel structure like a car, users only need to pick their favorite drawings in the steel structure building, the factory will be members of the suite are installed in the container internal to the construction site, several workers 20 days to set up the house." City Federation vice president, Xuzhou Feihong construction limited company chairman Gao Hong introduced grid.

Gao Hong told reporters that the steel structure housing refers to the load-bearing structure of steel structure, environmental protection, light weight, saving material structure of the house. The parts of the steel structure house are usually made in advance in the factory, and then assembled at the construction site. The principle is the same as building blocks. First of all the steel upright, general steel columns in a construction period of 3 to 4, at the scene of a hoisting; rectification in place, and then coated with anticorrosive and fireproof materials, floor is concrete; wall adopts composite exterior thermal insulation board.

Assembly steel structure residential site, not only rarely saw construction of common spate Montreal, and noise, dust and construction waste, the construction is basically not affected by the weather and season, greatly shorten the construction period and funds. It is for this reason, steel residential buildings are also known as "from the assembly line down the house."". Reportedly, at present, the Ministry of housing "light steel structure residential technical regulations" has been issued, more can be used steel structure construction, building a large number of safe and reliable, green environmental protection, suitable for residential housing. According to reports, Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co., through market research, cooperation and Chinese building materials group company, the development of steel structure residential building.

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