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The construction of "Grid Village Feihong carry the banner
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Go out to introduce the transformation and upgrading

The revitalization of Feihong construction carry "township grid" banner

Reporter Wang Zhengxi

To the international market to take orders, to carry out strategic cooperation with China peddinghaus building materials group, steel structure production line enterprises to introduce the world's top, after the end of 2010 the restructuring of Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd., through the introduction to go out, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, has been picking up the revitalization of Xuzhou grid Town "and" banner.

Steel structure residential prospect

March 12th, the reporter saw at the Hospital Network Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong, workers are building a steel structure of the three storey building, chairman Gao Hong introduction, this is a floor underground one layer, three layer, Huizhou style model of the housing construction area of nearly 500 square metres, mainly for customers to visit the factory study. The steel structure housing like this, Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. in Tianjin, the domestic and foreign Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan, Angola and other places have also started construction.

High Hung said, the steel structure from the last century since 60s in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries have been widely used in residential buildings. At present, in the residential market of developed countries, the steel structure house occupies a higher share, and the product technology and industry chain have been basically mature, and realized industrialization. In Japan and the United Kingdom new construction, steel structure residential about 25%. In Australia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France and so on, there are considerable steel residential buildings.

In recent years, the country has been built and a number of pilot projects. However, in our new more than 1 billion square meters of residential buildings every year, the proportion of steel structure housing is still less than 2%, and the gap with developed countries is great, and there is a lot of room for development.

Compared to the traditional residential buildings, residential steel structure has many advantages: safety, steel structure material has the characteristics of light weight, good ductility, good toughness, reduce the damage of earthquake on building structures; the wall is not load-bearing, can be widely used in new wall panels, composite wall and other lightweight wall materials; convenient. Steel beams, columns and plates of residential construction Bupin mass in the factory prefabrication, industrialized production. The site is equipped with mechanical make-up, so that the residential building has higher precision and better quality. The steel structure housing construction can be not affected by seasonal and regional influence, can realize large-scale, fast speed and high efficiency; environmental protection, steel can be recycled, in the building of the whole life cycle can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%, and the construction site dry work, on-site construction errors, reduce the dust and noise pollution, conservation of water resources. Saving material; comfortable and beautiful, the assembly retaining system of steel structure residence, can achieve superior insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, significantly improve the residential quality and comfort, increase the building area effectively; in addition, the steel structure residential design is flexible, the user can use the flexible room according to their own needs.

High Hung said, through strategic cooperation with China building materials group, Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. is committed to the starting point to seek strategic vision of the market, through the integration of innovation and independent innovation, leading to the formation of "safe, comfortable, convenient, economic, beautiful, environmental protection" for the characteristics of modern residential products and complete technology.

Going out strategy is imperative

March 10th, just the plane returned from Angola Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. director and general manager Zhao Dunshi very happy, independent of Africa's largest construction company in Angola Luanda International Airport has steel structure engineering, project cost 190 million yuan, the project is expected to be completed at the end of this year. Zhao Li said, they are still with South America, Central Asia, the Middle East and other places to discuss a wide range of businessmen, in the construction of major domestic steel structure at the same time, actively explore overseas markets, accelerate the pace of internationalization of the company.

It is understood, all kinds of steel structure, employment trough, H type steel plate and steel made in foreign market very big development potential. It is a fairly common operation mode in the international market that the steel is processed into steel structural parts to be supplied to the end-users.

Zhao Dunshi told reporters that the space truss steel structure industry in China after 30 years of development, from scratch, from simple to complex, from the introduction of foreign advanced technologies and concepts to digestion and absorption, has accumulated a lot of experience with manufacturing technology, processing all kinds of steel structure, and has a group of professional technical and management personnel. However, at present, the export volume of our country's steel structure parts is not much, and the share in the international market is not high, which is not matched with the status of China's steel structure manufacturing giant.

Strengthen and foreign cooperation, especially with the advanced western countries manufacturers cooperation, open overseas steel structure manufacture and installation market, put forward higher requirements on the Network Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong steel structure enterprises. Grid steel enterprises must increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the scientific and technological research from various funds, personnel, system and mechanism, development with leading domestic and foreign steel structure fabrication and installation of new technology, new technology. And enterprises, enterprises involved in steel structure design, production and installation of tertiary institutions, design institutes and enterprises together to tackle key issues, it is to play their own expertise, less investment, quick results shortcut.

We have reason to believe that the efforts of all sides, prospects will be enterprise of Building Steel Structure Construction Co. Ltd., Xuzhou Feihong grids go abroad more widely

We are full of confidence to revive the "township of space grids"

In about the revitalization of town "and" Xuzhou grid topic, Xuzhou Grid Construction Co. Feihong company directors, party secretary Zhong Xianhua said, this is the common goal of industry space truss steel structure in our city, need the community's concern and support, but also need every frame of their own efforts, especially in the fierce market competition, enterprises need to practice "internal management".

To implement standardized management in the enterprise, Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. focus on starting from every details of management, strengthen internal management. Zhong Xianhua said, Feihong Company Limited is a network construction by grasping these basic management, it laid a solid foundation for enterprise management contract to double this year. With the deepening of reform and opening up, enterprises are trying to move towards the goal of modern enterprises.

By 2009, and Hongkong Huasheng Jiashi Holdings Limited joint venture, set up a Sino foreign joint venture Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. ltd.". After the establishment of the joint venture through relocation, renting space, three site. After November 2010 and Jiangsu Xin Lu Tong material trade limited company to implement the strategic restructuring, the formation of a new Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd., Jiawang District officially settled in Xuzhou industrial park. The new factory covers an area of 220 acres, the main truss steel structure workshop of 50000 square meters, workshop, light steel and heavy steel box beam steel structure production line up to 7, the grid structure of tubular joint, bolt ball grid node production line automation degree is high, especially the introduction of foreign Pei Tinghao steel structure processing center in the domestic leader the technology in the same industry. Is one of the few steel structure engineering contracting, level one, grade a design qualification enterprise.

Practice has proved Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Limited company restructuring for two years, after the reform of state-owned enterprises, "Feihong brand" to further carry forward, they explore a enterprise has the economic strength and social cooperation way. Through the restructuring, the transformation of enterprise management concept, manufacturing strength, "Feihong brand" more recognized by the society, at the same time, the cooperation of private enterprises has been a leap type development.

At present, through cooperation with China building materials group, Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Company Limited is to vigorously promote the construction of energy-efficient green environmental protection and energy saving type steel structure housing, striding forward in the development of China's steel structure residential industry on the road.

                                                                                                                 From June 25, 2012 "Xuzhou daily" NPC and CPPCC Zhuanban

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