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Xuzhou Feihong construction to seize the market at home and abroad
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Feihong grids workers for Changyu manor engineering parts

Construction project cost $32 million of Africa's largest airport

Morning news (reporter Wang Yuheng) yesterday, the reporter walked into Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Co. Ltd., saw one of the busy scene. According to reports, the company has been two years of restructuring production and sales, in the domestic and foreign markets share a cup of soup.

In January 2011, Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Co., after the reorganization of the company moved to Xuzhou Industrial Park, the new plant covers an area of 220 acres. In the production workshop of 5 steel automatic production line, an automatic steel production line, a full automatic box beam welding production line, two steel tubular joint processing production line, a plurality of truss rod and ball processing production line, the new order training extension Moorhouse steel structure processing center leading technology. In the national steel construction and construction industry, the company has become one of the leading enterprises of steel structure with short processing cycle, high precision, prompt delivery, strong production capacity and safe construction.

At present, Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Limited company is the construction enterprises with the national steel structure, grid contracted professional construction qualification and national steel structure, grid design qualification, is the president of the Xuzhou municipal construction metal structure association. "Feihong net" trademark was identified as Jiangsu famous trademark, has the right to operate foreign economic and technical cooperation.

Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. in recent years, the construction of the national grid, steel structure engineering. Such as: Xinjiang TBEA steel structure engineering, Ji'nan West Railway Station integrated steel structure engineering, Anqing City Sports Center steel structure engineering, brilliance auto workshop steel structure net rack engineering etc..

The development of Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. is committed to the international construction market, 2011 to undertake a project cost of $32 million of Africa's largest airport Angola New International Airport Terminal steel grid project, and to undertake a number of steel structure engineering in Chad, South Africa, Indonesia and other countries, and successfully enter the EU market building. The construction of the French Total steel grid engineering. The construction of the steel structure of the two railway station in Saudi Arabia is in accordance with international construction standards. The quality requirements are high and the construction is difficult.

Enterprises at present, and vigorously promote the construction of green energy-saving steel residential cooperation and Chinese building materials group, research and development of light steel residential, in the development of China's steel structure residential industry on the road of striding forward.

Reporter Ren Zhonghua photo

                                                                                                                      From March 13, 2013 "City Morning Post" A12 version

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