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How far is the steel structure house from us?
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Petin House production line. Reporter Chen Yan photo

The newspaper reporter Wang Zhengxi

Trainee reporter Huang Qiyuan

January 2nd, the reporter saw in Xuzhou Feihong Network Construction Co. hospital, the city's first steel structure residential housing model has been completed roof corrosion engineering. The ground floor area of more than 200 square meters, more than 100 square meters underground, basement housing, the main body is completed with steel structure, room interval wall is built with special wall maintenance system. Reportedly, compared with the traditional brick concrete structure, the steel structure of the house cost slightly higher, but the same construction area, the use of more than 5% of the area.

Speaking of truss, steel structure, people tend to think more about the train stations, stadiums and other public facilities and commercial buildings, few people will think of the steel structure housing. It is understood that, at present, the Ministry of housing "light steel structure residential technical regulations" has been released, can use more steel structure building, the construction of a large number of green environmental protection, safe and reliable, suitable for residential, will become the largest development opportunities for our city and even the national steel structure industry.

Steel structure house as building blocks

"Abroad, buy low density residential steel structure like a car, users only need to pick their favorite drawings in the steel structure building, the factory will be members of the suite are installed in the container internal to the construction site, several workers 20 days to set up the house." Vice president of the Federation, Xuzhou City Network Construction Co. Ltd. Feihong chairman Gao Hong introduction.

Gao Hong told reporters that the steel structure housing refers to the load-bearing structure of steel structure, environmental protection, light weight, saving material structure of the house. According to relevant state regulations, the domestic steel structure housing generally has 3 kinds: one is the low rise residential load-bearing lightweight steel structure wall system (3 floors below); the second category is the low rise residential type steel frame (6 floors below); the third is composed of steel frame, steel frame concrete tube etc. the structure system of high-rise residential. And concrete structure residential construction site is different, the steel structure of residential parts are usually made in advance in the factory, and then in the construction site to complete the assembly, the principle of building blocks and the same. First of all the steel upright, general steel columns in a construction period of 3 to 4, at the scene of a hoisting; rectification in place, and then coated with anticorrosive and fireproof materials, floor is concrete; wall adopts composite exterior thermal insulation board.

For developers, builders and buyers, the construction period is short of steel structure residence is very obvious benefits". Vice chairman of the association, the steel structure of Jiangsu province Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Co., party secretary Zhong Xianhua told reporters, because all the components of the light steel structure is made to installed by the factory, so the construction speed is very fast, which greatly shorten the development period. For example, a 2 unit 5 story light steel structure residential construction period of only 1 months, and the construction of the same size of brick or masonry residential about 4 to 5 months, so that developers can reduce due to changes in market demand and investment risk, early repayment of bank loans, speeding up the construction of capital turnover, can bring huge economic benefits."

Steel structure building environmental protection and energy saving benefits

Steel structure residence in environmental protection industry has been talked about. Because the weight of the steel structure is lightened, the amount of the soil used for the foundation construction is less, and the precious resource of the land is destroyed, and the use of concrete and brick is greatly reduced. Even if the life of the house expires, the structure of the demolition of solid waste is less, scrap steel can be recycled 100%. Moreover, the dry construction technology of steel structure building is also beneficial to water conservation. It can be said that the steel structure construction is the smallest impact on the urban environment.

Steel structure of environmental protection is not only reflected in the conservation of land and water resources etc.. In Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Hainan and other places for design and construction of steel structure of high-rise building metal structure association, Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Co., general manager Zhao Dun said, most people feel "affordable" is indoor building layout is flexible, increase building effective use area. The steel structure house adopts the beam column system, which changes the structure form of the traditional brick concrete and concrete residence with the wall bearing, the space is transparent, and the user can flexibly separate the space according to the design and the use requirement. For commercial housing units by Taoxing construction area users, the same construction area, the steel structure housing will have more use area, which is also the most attractive place for property buyers."

Moreover, in the price aspect, the steel structure housing high cost is a kind of misunderstanding. Zhao dun the truth, just look at the cost, the steel structure housing seems to be a bit high, but if you count the construction of the whole life cycle, the steel structure residential energy saving and environmental protection benefits, as the steel structure material can always recycling, the cost of steel housing is not a bit high.

Spread the steel structure housing is significant

In fact, many successful examples of light steel structure housing in China has related manufacturing enterprises also emerge in an endless stream. The Ministry of housing "light steel structure residential technical regulations" promulgated, the official standard and the basis of light steel structure industry, provides a broad space for the development of related mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, new building materials products.

Zhong Xianhua believes that the steel structure housing will bring the traditional construction mode Chinese "Qin Zhuanhan tile" type with a huge change, so it is called "the fourth residential revolution". Great business opportunities have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign enterprises, many domestic steel production and processing enterprises are planning some demonstration projects, ready to welcome the upsurge of steel residential construction boom.

10 years ago, Xuzhou Feihong construction began to develop in the relevant state regulations and related workshop steel structure housing, is the industry's foresight. Now the new steel processing base of 50 thousand square meters, the introduction of advanced production line with peddinghaus, as the national steel structure housing industrialization processing base strength. Moreover, in recent years, the city's network structure and steel structure enterprises to undertake more and more foreign projects, are quality and speed of construction to win. With the promotion of this new steel structure residential construction industry, has more than 10 national steel structure engineering contractor qualification level enterprises in Xuzhou, in the "grid Town" this can also add a gilded signboard, a national steel structure housing industrialization processing base of the flag.

Has been concerned about the high flood project steelhousing industrialization has admitted that although Xuzhou Feihong Construction Company Limited and Sinoma Group of related technical cooperation, and built up the model of the housing, but also requires a process of light steel structure residential comprehensive promotion, which not only needs the support of relevant policies, also need real real estate developers, building materials and people can recognize the building structure form. Therefore, the future of light steel residential buildings depends on many factors.

                                                                                                                        From January 4, 2013 second edition of the "Xuzhou daily"

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